High School Sweethearts

Ella just moved to the area and she meets this boy, Connor, she really likes him but does he like her?


1. Chapter 1


I pick my phone up to turn it off and notice it's 7:30. School starts at 8:15. Being late for the first day is always cool right?

Well not for me. 

I have a guy to impress. A hot one at that.

I jump of bed and run straight to the bathroom. I need to shower and do my hair.

"Hurry up Ben!" I yell banging on the door 

"Well sorry but I need to look good for the first day too!" I hear him yell through the door

"Unlike you I actually have someone to impress" I yell banging again

"Who Connor?" He asks opening the door 

"Whaaat? No?" I already feel the heat rushing to my cheeks 

"Oh come on Ella, I'm not dumb" He states 

"On some occasions" I say to myself.

He keeps staring at me waiting for an answer. When I don't answer he moves aside to let me in, and walks out. 

Now it's time to get pretty 


I get out of the shower. It's 7:45, okay I've got time. 

I walk over to my closet and get my favorite outfit out, it's composed of my favorite light wash skinny jeans, a pink, flowy blouse, and white flats. 

This will be great.

Next is to deal with the mess I call hair.


My hair is done and wavy. 


I have eyeliner on the top lid and mascara. This makes my bright green eyes pop! 

It's 8:00. I have just enough time to eat breakfast.

So I run downstairs and make a bowl of cereal. I have to make sure not to eat quick or else I might throw up. I don't want the past to repeat itself. 

I was in the third grade. Connor and I sat right next to each other and we were having our fall party. We had a bunch of snacks, music going, and fruit juice. Well we had to sit at our desks and Connor thought it would be funny to put nuts in my trail mix, it was funny because I'm highly allergic to nuts. I puff up and my stomach gets upset and it's just nasty.

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