Bisexual and unfriendly

Alice Cooper is an ordinary girl who does not care much for his studies and is not the typical popular at his school, one day for family reasons, the teacher of Music decided to take a few days to be with his mother, who is in the hospital, giving way to his replacement, Ronald, a tall, blond, blue eyes and a look... Strange. Maybe, just maybe, Alice ends up falling for him.



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3. Negation

Sometimes I feel that he knows I love him. No joke, the other day he came out with that "He sees and hears everything " Great... Then he heard every-time - almost never - when I talked about him with my friends and he realize that the way I look him is not the "usual"

I can not with this anymore.

Not with this and with anything, I need to tell someone, even if it is my neighbor's dog. I need to tell it to my best friend.

But what will she think of me? I mean, she... She think I'm crazy enough to leave her now with this... I do not want to change the way she see me, it has already changed the way of all my classmates - surely they see me as a pervert - I do not want to lose more .

I need to tell to her.

Jeniffer Gallego is online

Me: Hello!

Jeni:Hello! How are you?

Me: Fine, and you?

Jeni: Good

Me: Hey, how about with "punk"?

That is the name we have put the boy she likes, only to speak of it without anyone knowing it's him.

Jeni: Well... Very good! He is so attentive, caring and handsome ...

Me: You like him.

Jeni :No! Only... I would kidnap him and rape him, but I do not like him.

Me: XDDDDDDDD Hey, I have something to tell...

Jeni : What?

Me: Is about the crazy of Stacy, who has returned to say strange things

Jeni : Uf... It's so annoying! And what did she say?

Me: Yeah, she told me that if I like the music teacher XDD

Jeni : LOL Really?

Me: Yes! XD Well ... There is another thing... But , if I tell you will not kill me right?

Jeni : Well, we're a few miles, so I think I could not even if I wanted ...

Me: What Stacy said...

I hesitate to tell whether or not, she is my friend but I do not want to change the way she treats me .

Jeni: Yes .. ?

Me: What Stacy said... It is true

Jeni : What? What do you mean?

Me: Jeniffer, I like the music teacher

Jeni : What? LOL No, seriously what's wrong?

Me: Jeniffer, I like our music teacher okay? I mean, I like him, but I don't love him... He is just handsome

Love, falling in love... I hate those words.

Jeni : Well... I can not say I understand, but ... GOD he is very unfriendly

Me: But he is handsome e.e And you like him e.e I know it

Jeni : NO OK? XD Well, I must go :C

Me: Ok! Bye!

I feel relieved... At least it has not seemed that is bad that I like him, but she hates him...

As everyone.

-Alice! Come! - My mother says in an annoyed tone .

I go down into the kitchen and there she is, with the computer on... With notes.

Shit .

- You know you have a 0, 3 and 6 in geography? - She really seems angry, I hate to see her in that way.

- No...


- Well, it's over you all, mobile, computer... Everything. She approaches me - Give me the mobile

I want to resist , but I can not... She will see all my conversations related to Roy ! God, what could I do?

I give it and she turn it on.

- What is the password?

- Blame it on the girls - she begins to write

- Does not work

- Blame it on the girls, with a capital B . - She tries again and get on.

- Well , you're grounded until further notice.

I climb the stairs and lock myself in my room. What do I do now? What will I do without my defense mechanism? What will I do without music?

I want to die... And worse, I can not. I guess I should put this, I mean, what Ronald, forget ... Besides, I just like, I'm not in love with anyone, least of it. It could bring me a lot of trouble if he finds out ... Maybe if I don't talk about it, all forget, or ignore them...

I hear footsteps coming up the stairs, enraged .

- Who is Roy?

- A classmate

- And you like him.

- No, I think he's only handsome, nothing more.

- Are you sure that is a classmate ?


- Yes, sure.

- Okay. - Beware, she knows it, but I will not admit who he is.

The next day things are not much better, my mom drives me to school and there's a big awkward silence that makes me feel like going to drop something she as read in some time .

- I'm going to ask again : Who is Roy?

- Like I said, a classmate.

- Are you sure ? - Keep distrusting

- Yes

- Are you really sure?

Want me to tell her, why? If she already knows it!

Sigh - Roy... Ronald, is my music teacher.

- Aaaaah... Your music teacher... - Says with that tone that I hate - what happened in class?

My mother is usually mounted on the head many paranoias - like me - so she think he will surely let me be pregnant or raped or something.

- Nothing, nothing major.

- So something happened.

Yes, that gave class, too boring class!

- It was not something that they asked a question ?

Ah, that.

- They asked if I like him.

- What else?

What else?

- I do not know

I really don't know, I do not remember.

- You do not know... Really?

... ... ...

- I do not know .

Oh, that.

- He kicked me out of class.

- Why was it?

- Because Alex asked me if I ike Roy, I laughed and the teacher took me out of class.

- Oh, well, then I'll talk to the music teacher to see if it's true .

What? No! If you talk to him you mean that you'll tell that. No!

I arrived at school, I do not feel like getting out of the car, I do not teach , I do not want to see him today... And the worst is that I can not love him and I do not know if I love him.

- Hey, Alice, you know what? - Tells me one of my best friends, Fey

- Wait, wait, I have to tell you something. - I'm taking her to another place away from people getting off buses and cars - See.. I like our music teacher... Well, I do not like, I think he is handsome... My mother knows it... -sigh-I needed to tell you, nothing more ...

- Well... - suddenly comes Jeniffer - Hey, do you already know? About Roy ... - relates to mine -

- Yes, she said it to me yesterday

- Well, Alice... I'm sorry to tell you, but you can not be anything  with him - "I'm sorry to tell you" you always do the same thing - He is also gay and he has a girlfriend ! - Oh -

He is bisexual.

You always ruining the dreams of others, of course.

- Just ... No. .. No matter just ... - I see him walking to his class with a coffee in his hand and a scarf ... He is really cute dressed like this... I like. I mean, in a superficial way... - I think he's handsome just that - I smile .

Smile even when you're about to mourn .

All classes go slow, too slow in fact. Unless music. That happens quite fast... The trouble is that this man has the uncanny ability to ask me something when I'm distracted... With him. With its... Clothing and that he dress well, of course.

- Alice - He says before I leave the class - can you come here for a minute? - Smiles, making me blush.

I can not, I can not do this.

- Sure - I smiled too and approached his chair, he is sitting, it bothers me a bit that is not up like me.

- What happens?

You, you are what 's wrong with me .

- Well... Nothing, I'm just tired - he does not seem to believe it

- Seriously, something happens to you? - He gets up and looks me in the eyes, shortly after caresses my cheek and put a lock of my hair behind my ear .

Don't do this, please... This is too difficult.

- Teacher ... I do not ... - Stuttering

- Shh ... - He puts his index finger on my lips, making me blush, shortly after kissing my forehead and whispers - you do not have to hide anything, you know that right?

Oh, great. The unfriendly man is now the most understanding guy in the world .

- My mother... She knows something ... Very embarrassing and bad for me. - He is surprised

- About what?

- The person I like ... She knows who is the person I like

- It's not that serious

Not if it was not my teacher.

- That person is not the one for me . - I notice the closeness of our faces and I separate from him - I must go, my mother is waiting - I lie, my mother is working .

I start walking towards the door and he takes my arm, making me turn abruptly and crash my lips to his in a small, timid kiss.

I separate myself from him slowly - So-sorry I...

He interrupted - It's not your fault, If I had not caught your arm, none of this would have happened ... I think ... It's late , you should leave... - He's trying to keep my composure.

I gather my things and walk out the door .

What have I done? What will he think of me now? I mean, I... Well... I should have quickly separated from him, but I did not ... His lips... They were so soft... As if heaven on earth... I felt .... Something , something strange, like a spark... Maybe, just maybe ...

I'm falling for him .


I hope you have enjoyed this new chapter and clarify: there are things that have not really happened like that kiss XD

Bye :)

Lukiii .

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