Bisexual and unfriendly

Alice Cooper is an ordinary girl who does not care much for his studies and is not the typical popular at his school, one day for family reasons, the teacher of Music decided to take a few days to be with his mother, who is in the hospital, giving way to his replacement, Ronald, a tall, blond, blue eyes and a look... Strange. Maybe, just maybe, Alice ends up falling for him.



Thank you.



2. Christmas

He is bisexual...

The first thing I do is call my best friend Jennifer, she has to know this.

- Hello? - She answers, her voice seems very different when is talking on the phone .

-Jeniffer! You have to see this! Connect to Tuenti, please.

-Okay, okay, okay impatient - sighs and hangs up, minutes after being connected .

Jeni: Something wrong?

Me: Get in here

Jeni: Is the Facebook of the teahcer?

Me: Yes, yes, but enter

Jeni: I am, what now?

Me: Go to info and look under gender.

Jeni: Interests?

Me: Yes, but what does it say?

Jeni: XD Really?

Me: We have a teacher bisexual XDDDD

Jeni : Yes LOL Well, I gotta goBye!

Me: Bye!

Jeniffer lately and I have almost no time to talk, she  is always busy with your family or both.

Surely tomorrow ii cna be another day, a very different than this day, I hope.

Tuesday again.

I hate to have literature at first hour. That is, yes, I like to read and write, but that does not mean that classes are not boring. Although, we are finally at lunchtime and as always "a certain perso " must look after near the stairs, so I 'm going to the stairs. Oh come on! Surely you 've ever done it! I see a fellow down stairs and sit next to me, they come from China and have names of our country to make it easier for us to pronounce - We only said "Hello" and then i begin to talk with Roy about Jazz.

I climb the stairs to my locker and one of those girls call me, Stacy, and make me a very direct question:

- Do you like the teacher of Music?  - Says with a bad English accent.

- What? Why do you think it ?

Are really my classmates idiots? She noticed noticed that I like Roy, a girl that doesn't understand my language and not even go to my class!

I know they said it in class, but many others did not hear or they do not believe it .

- Because of the way That you look at him, you always go to the music class with a smile, you Talk with him...

Nobody talks with him.
Oh God, she doesn't even go to my class!

- Well... Yes , I like him, but I do not love him - First lie of the day - Please, do not tell it to someone

- Ok, I promise.

She isn't going to tell anyone, I know .

I finish my things, I close my locker and I go to the music class, I hate being late and less in music. I go to class before everyone and hear some comment from people's out - probably referring to what they knew days before, five minutes later, begin to enter all .

- You have all lag - sayssetiously  the teacher -as always- Unless Alice

I can not help laugh inside.

You endure.

- Examination surprise, bring out all a paper and a pen - He watches our faces of idiots - What do you wait?

Well, at least 5 years of conservatory studying violin will serve to something ...

I take my pen, paper and start writing questions in it that the teacher dictates. Later I raised my hand to ask a question to him and miraculously he ignored the people who have raised their hands before I, and go straight to my place on the other side of the class -And again do that a few times, if he is explaining something to someone, he sees who needs help and makes a gesture of "a moment " with his hand to me, as if I was the only one that matters.

- I finish. - He puts his hand on my test .

For a moment I feel like I 'm going to make idiotzy thing: touch his hand. It may seem a silly thing but... Is my teacher! I mean, I can not touch his hand just like that.

I feel that I love you.

I want to hug you, kiss you... I do not know why, it's crazy, and yet, sometimes I think I do not care.

- I love you - I whisper, so he could not hear me.

- Huh? Did you say something? - He says, before leaving.


- N -no ... Nothing, nothing, thank you.

As we finished the exam rang the bell, and at the same time everyone started to leave, but me, that I was asking the teacher if we had done the esersise 3 because I was distracted and at that moment a professor of violin comes together with his child.

Roy crouch to be the at height of the kid and begins to tell : - What's your name? My name is Ronald, and you? - He caresses the cheek of the child - which do you prefer, a violin or saxophone? - To which he responds :

- Dad

- Ah, the instrument of your Dad? The violin - says smiling - Come, take my hand, as a men

Or as bisexual

When he finished give the child faces and talk to him he gets up and looks at me with a big smile... Do you know what is that a man is, treating a child like that and then he sees you with that look? It's like he were giving you indirects: "I want a family with you"

Yes, I know, I ride a lot of paranoias at times, but it has given me that feeling.

There is a little left for Christmas, that means I have to give gifts to some people: Jeniffer, the French teacher ... -I broke her cup- And... him.

I start thinking about it when I have an idea: a bracelet with his name! He wears many bracelets, maybe, if I make one to Christmas... Determined !

Two days later I have the bracelet. I do not know if I give it, I mean ... It's like a gift that would make a girl of primary to her favorite teacher. What if he doesn't like? And if he doesn't want to put it ? " What if ... ? " That ...

That's what has made no big steps in my life, "What if ... ?"

What if he likes it?

What if he wears it?

What if... ? What if he says he loves me?

I walk to him.

- Ronald.

- Tell me, Ali. - Ali ... I have... Called Ali ... He calls me for my short name.... God God God!

- Ali? Alice you say... - I get nervous - I mean, you can call me Ali, which is shorter

Well, I screwed up .

- That ... - I continue -That I have a Christmas present for you!

- Really? - I see him surprised and happy for some reason .

- Yeah, well, it's not much and it is not very expensive and ... -and I get nervous and look down - Well, take - I just give the racelet -finally-

I see happiness in his eyes, and appretiation. This year I didn't ask for anything for Christmas, I did not ask anything just because my Christmas present was that, to get a smile of him.

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