niall's sister

Marlaina (Marlee) is not your everyday average girl. She tries her best to be like the rest of the kids. Thats hard to do for Marlee because her brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when Niall asks Marlee to go on tour with them? What if that question changes their lives? This story includes an unbreakable bond between a older brother and a little sister.



Ok so I thought I would talk about this Liam and Tyler Oakley thing.

"Duck Dynasty's" Phil pretty much said he doesn't support gays and bis. Liam tweeted about the show and Tyler thought that Liam was agreeing with Phil. So Tyler said something. Liam said that Tyler was never a real fan and that he didn't say anything wrong. Tyler did misunderstood Liam and was very sorry. Now some of y'all directioners are sending Tyler death threats and all of this bullshit. Tyler misunderstood Liam and Liam took it to hard and called Tyler a fake fan. Yes I am still a directioner. But I just think Liam took it a little to far. I love Tyler to death and will always support him. So all y'all sending Tyler hate better freakin stop. Tyler is a human being. As you no us humans are not perfect and neither is Liam we all make mistakes. I'm honestly slowly fading away from this fandom bc of all of this stupid bullshit! 

You can agree or disagree with me. But I support Tyler and he just made a mistake and so did Liam. There's nothing wrong with that!


end of rant..

might update later.



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