niall's sister

Marlaina (Marlee) is not your everyday average girl. She tries her best to be like the rest of the kids. Thats hard to do for Marlee because her brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when Niall asks Marlee to go on tour with them? What if that question changes their lives? This story includes an unbreakable bond between a older brother and a little sister.


12. Chapter 9 :p

We are on the bus on our way to Philadelphia and I decided to go on twitter for the first time all tour. I have 1.2 million followers on twitter!!!! Holy crap! I decided I will do a follow spree. I tweeted...

"Heyyyy. I'm gunna do a follow spree!!!:) To celebrate my 1.2 million followers! wow! try your best to get me to notice youuu!!;) love youuuuuu!!" i tweeted. All the sudden my notifications go crazy! I start looking through when I come across one tweet.. It said..

"Heyy Marleee! Omg i love you sooo much!!!! I made a video for youuu!! I think you'll like it!! I hope!!" then the link... I click on the follow button and click on the link it loads to youtube. I hit play....It shows a bunch of pictures of me from photo shoots and pictures the boys took of mean and just pictures that are me being me.... I smile watching then A random picture comes up. It says..

"Marlaina Avalana Horan.. You are the most amazing, talented, funny, and weird girl I've ever seen. Your amazing and I love youuu sooo much Marleee!! Here's some more pictures but there more meaning full!" 

Then it goes to a picture of me and the boys during their time on the x factor. Then a picture of me on louis back, a picture of when me louis and Niall were on the stage with me thrown over louis' shoulder and we are all laughing,a picture of me and harry in big sunglasses doing weird poses....I start to laugh and tear up a little. There are just endless pictures of me and the boys. Then the last picture is when I sang at MSG. I'm literally crying. Liam walks over and I'm almost balling my eyes out because I love it so much. 

"Hey Marlz whats wrong?" he says sitting next to me. I look up and smile at him. 

"A girl made a video about me." I say smiling. He smiles down at me. I go back on to twitter and tweet her.

"Hii!! @julianaaa_ omg I watched your video and like cried! That is sooo freakin sweet omg!!! i love you tooooo!!:*" I tweeted her. (i dont no if thats a real twitter) I follow a buch more people because I just love them all. I decide to DM her to surprise her!!! I wrote Hi!! omg i just want to say thank you and omg that video was amazing!!! I sent it and got a reply back. 

"OMG HIII!!! I'm like fingerling a lot right now! lol! Your soo welcome and I'm going to be at the Philadelphia show tonight!!! Maybe I'll see you!!" she said. I smiled and wrote back.

"I will make sure I find you! I would love to get to know you!! The boys told me they want me to go sing a full song....on stage:o im terrified!! but what do you look like and I'll try to find you!" i write. 

She sends me a picture of her self. Omg! She's gorgeous! I say..

"OMG your gorgeous!! I will make sure to look for you because we are going to be in Philedelphia for a few days because they have know shows. I would love to like hang out with you or something! I gtg because we just got to the arena! byeee talk to you l8ter!" I say she says 


I smile and put down my phone and get out of the bus. We walk into the arena and the boys rehearse. The boys want me to preform accustic "What Makes You Beatiful" of course I say ok and I rehearse it until we have to go backstage because fans are arriving. I decide I'd go do what I did in most of the shows. I go behind the speakers. I peek my head out and the girls start screaming. Of course Niall and Louis walk over and see me behind the speaker. They laugh. Louis comes behind me and picks me up and put me on his bad k and runs out on the stage. The girls go crazy. They all are laughing at me and Louis. I look around the crowd for Juliana while Louis runs around with me on his back. Finally I see her. She's smiling right at me. I wave at her. She waves back. Louis puts me down and runs off the stage. I stand in the middle of the stage. I grab a ear piece microphone that was sitting on the stage. And talk into it. No one notices that I grab it and put it in. I see Louis and Niall behind the speaker with the ear piece things to. 

"Louis!" I half yell because of the mic. All the girls quiet down and look at me on the stage. 

"Marleeeeeeeeeee!" he screams in his mic and jumps out from behind the speaker. All the girls laugh at him. Louis walks over and so does Niall. They lift me up and take me off the stage. 


Authors Note!!!


im sorry i fell asleep last night so i didn't update again. 

i will be updating tonight again.

where i live we are getting a snowstorm right now so ill prob have a snowday tomorrow!!!

ily alllll!!!

see ya laterrrrrrrrr!


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