niall's sister

Marlaina (Marlee) is not your everyday average girl. She tries her best to be like the rest of the kids. Thats hard to do for Marlee because her brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when Niall asks Marlee to go on tour with them? What if that question changes their lives? This story includes an unbreakable bond between a older brother and a little sister.


5. Chapter 5:o

So today we are heading to AMERICAAAAAA! I'm sooo excited because I've never been there before. In the U.S we are going to be traveling on the tour bus most of the time. It's gunna be soo fun! Our flight leaves at 5 a.m and its 4 now so I have a half an hour to get ready. I jump in the shower and when I get out I need to get dressed. I think. It's spring here and in America. So I grab my tank top with a tiger face on it with bright blue eyes and a black background, my ripped jean shorts, my blue vans, and I put my hair in a top knot. I go down stairs and see Harry, Niall, and Louis. Zayn is probably still doing his hair. 

"Hey Marlzz!" Niall yells. I giggle at him as Zayn and Liam walk in the room. I guess we are gunna head to the airport now. We grab our bags and head to the car. We drive about 15 mins to the airport. We get there and we are about to go through security check when it goes off on some guy. Before the security get to him he pulls out a gun from under his jacket and points it at....ZAYN! I walk over to Zayn and just hug him and I don't let go. The guy starts pointing the gun at the officers. The officers pull out their guns and the guy puts his down and looks and Harry and starts walking up to him when the police grab him. 

"I will find you kids...where ever your going!" he screams as the police take him away. I look at Niall and he smiles weirdly at me. I giggle. We run through security and we hear.

"Flight 106 to Los Angeles is now boarding."

We run to our gate and get into our first class seats and we take off on our 7-8 hour flight:| I decide to fall asleep....


I get woken up by Niall and Liam on either side of me. I open my eyes and look at them both.

"We land in 10 mins." Liam says. I nod and sit up as we start to go down into LA. I'm sooooo excitedddd!!!!!!!!! Our plane lands and we get off. We go outside and Paul shows us where the bus is . We all hop on the bus and put our stuff in our beds and Paul drives us the arena the boys are preforming at tonight. Once we get there their are girls all ready in their seats. The boys' show starts in 20 mins. I decide to do the same thing I did in London. I go behind a speaker and the fans might see me. The fans go CRAZY when they saw me. And again Louis comes over and laughs at me. He comes over where I am and the fans scream ever louder. Louis yet again throws me over his shoulder except this time he runs onto the stage and I'm laughing at him because he's running around the stage with me on his back. Niall come on the stage and the girls scream even louder.

"Marlee Paul said you can introduce us on the stage!" Niall whisper yells to me. My eyes widen. Him and Lou take me backstage and hand me a mic. All the light go down but the stage lights. Niall pats my back. I walk on the stage. All the girls go crazy when they see me. I smile and giggle.

"Hi everyone!!!" I yell into the mic! All the girls start screaming "HI MARLEE OR MARLEE I LOVE YOU"

"Well incase you don't know who I am my name is Marlaina or Marlee Horan! Yes I'm Niall's little sister!" they all cheer. I also hear a lot of "OMG I LOVE YOUR ACCENT" hahaha. 

"I am here to introduce the boys! These 5 weirdo's really appreciate every single one of you! If they could talk to all of you they would! Now I would like to introduce my brother and the other boys that are pretty much my brothers! Niall, Louis, Harry ,Zayn and Liam!! One Direction!!!!!!!" I yell. They boys run on the stage and Niall throws me on his back and runs me off the stage. That was probably the most awesome thing ever!


After the concert we went back to the bus and Paul is driving us to the next show in Anaheim,California!!!!!! WOOOOAHH! We all decided to just go to sleep. So I did.


Authors Note!!

Thank you all soo much for all of your comments and for reading this!!!

I will be updating this afternoon at sometime! 

I won't be updating tonight tho because I'm sleeping over my friends and we are going iceskating!!!! 

ily all!

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