niall's sister

Marlaina (Marlee) is not your everyday average girl. She tries her best to be like the rest of the kids. Thats hard to do for Marlee because her brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when Niall asks Marlee to go on tour with them? What if that question changes their lives? This story includes an unbreakable bond between a older brother and a little sister.


22. Chapter 20!:)

I wake to the feeling of poking on my nose. I open my eyes and look at Louis who's poking my nose. I role my eyes and sit up to see us landing. I role my eyes because I'm soo tired. We landed and I pulled out my camera to vlog. I turned the camera off as we enter the airport. 

"Hey guys. Uhh we just landed and I slept the whole time. So we are about to find our van and drive to Zayns Flat! Then later for the first time I am going to go meet Zoe! Or british youtuber Zoella! I'm sooo excited to meet her and her youtube friends also! I'm so excited." I say in a weird voice at the last part. We hop in our giant van. The lay out of its like a limo inside but shaped like a van. Paul driving starts blasting music and what makes you beautiful comes on the boys start singing so I take out my camera to vlog. I turn it on and show the boys scream singing. I'm just laughing at them. While their singing I turn it to me. 

"Well we are just kinda having a 1D jam cession. So yeah. Back to the boys." I half yell and turn it to the boys. Niall starts waving and smiling at the camera. I giggle and turn off the camera as we arrive at Zayn's flat. I turn back on the camera as we go inside. 

"Alright guys we just arrived at Zayn's flat and-----" I get cut off by Zayn yelling.

"Who ate my last pop tart!" he yells I turn the camera to him. Then Niall walks over with the pop tart in his mouth. 

"Hmmm?" Ni says with Zayn staring at him looking pissed off. Then Zayn starts going after Niall. I turn the camera to me and just look at the camera confused. 

"Uhh that just happened....." I say then turn the camera off. I go up stairs and unpack my stuff in my room at Zayns house. I grab my hand bag and fix my top knot a little bit. Tied my vans and asked Harry to drive me to Zoe's friend Alfie's flat. I told Harry I would text him or the other boys to come pick me up. I knock on the door and Zoe answers it. 

"Oh my gosh hi Marlee!" she says pulling me into a hug. And the night begins.

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