The Girl From Bioligy

Liam meets Alyssa in Freshman year. He falls inlove instantly. But does Alyssa feel the same? Will Liam's upcoming fame break them apart? Will Harry steal Alyssa away? Read to find out!


1. Throwback to Freshman Year

Liam's POV: Ahhhh....freshman year. New mates,new enemies,and new crushes. Maybe this year I'll actually get a girlfriend.

Alyssa's POV: Freshman Year! Maybe I'll get a boyfriend. Last year I was the biggest dork EVER! Braces.Zits.Hair. OMFG IT WAS AWFUL.

Liam's POV: Well lookie there. I have Bioligy first! Whoop whoop! I love Bioligy it's my favourite!

Alyssa's POV: Now let's take a! I got Bioligy 1st period! It's my favorite subject!

Liam's POV: "Oh hello!"

Alyssa's POV: "hello!" Dangggg he's cute!

Liam's POV: woah there gorgeous! "What's your name love?"

Alyssa's POV:"I'm alyssa! Your Liam right?"

Liam's POV:"yup! That's me!...what are you doing next Saturday?"

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