A Walk to Remember

What happens when Dakota Cruise goes on a walk she will never forget? Will she possibly meet up with her ex best friend Harry Styles who left her to take off on his singing career? Could she fall for one of this band mates maybe? Find out in my newest fiction that's sure to make you go crazy for updates;) Thanks for reading!!!!!! I write 3x a day!


3. Mountain Girl

"Uh I'm sorry," the Irish one said as he rammed into me. "I'm Niall!" I started to panic, not having a clue what to do. Harry then started to push through the crowd of the 4 yelping boys and then his face became blank. Completely and utterly blank. "Harry? I thought you were coming in tomorrow?" Saying or showing nothing he stayed exactly where he was, his eyes fixed on me. I felt my cinnamon roll from earlier slowly creeping up my my throat and a feeling of sadness disappearing after the depression I fell into when he left. I lovED Harry Styles. I LOVED HARRY STYLES! This isn't real. He is standing a foot in front of me. "Harry, man, the girl asked you a question!" Still Harry stood there. "Okay well I'm not sure who you are or why this lad is so shocked but I'm truly sorry about him." Still he stood there. When the boys tried to drag Harry away he started to scream. Loudly. "No please, please, Dakota! I'm so sorry! Please!" I grabbed Aubrey's arm and started to run down the street. The way back to Starbucks was silent. I drove home by myself. When I got home it was already 8. We did lots of shopping I guess. I thought it would be good to shower and have sometime to think more. Once I stripped I felt the hot water hit the surface of my pale skin. I looked in the mirror as I released my bun. I hated my appearance. Since I was young I knew what people truly thought about me. I'm ugly. My hairs long, brunette, and dead. I have a flat chest and no arse. Why would I be pretty? As I tried to wash away my thoughts my phone beeped. Text message. Many text messages. I squeaked off the faucet and picked up my towel. The number wasn't in my contacts. As I opened them I knew what to expect. Harry.

Harry: Hey Dakota, I'm so sorry about earlier. I really miss you and I think our parents are right. Please respond ASAP. Harry xxx

Harry: ya there? Please I need to see you. Harry xxx

Harry: Tomorrow? 7:30? Movie with the boys and I? I'll introduce you to them! Harry xxx

Harry: Shit Mountain Girl. Answer me;) Harry xxx

Okay Harry crossed the line. Calling me by my old nickname. I had to defend myself.

Dakota: Harry! Don't ever call me that again! Your such an arse! But I'll have to think about your invitation;)

Harry: Haha do you remember that? Lol please come! The boys are really eager to meet you!!!

Dakota: 7:30?

Harry: yep

Dakota: Count me in:)

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