A Walk to Remember

What happens when Dakota Cruise goes on a walk she will never forget? Will she possibly meet up with her ex best friend Harry Styles who left her to take off on his singing career? Could she fall for one of this band mates maybe? Find out in my newest fiction that's sure to make you go crazy for updates;) Thanks for reading!!!!!! I write 3x a day!


7. Filler

He then disappeared out through the front exit and drove away quickly. Everyone sat up from their crouched positions. Liam was shaking. "Li, are you alright?!" He looked scared out of his mind. "I think he tried to shoot at me." All of our faces dropped. Someone was out to kill One Direction and who knows when they'd be back. We had a police escort back to Harry's house and when we got back Zayn was already on the phone with their biggest body guard Paul. Then my phone started to ring. "Honey?" It was my mum. "Yeah what's up mum? I'm kinda busy. Oh well I'm sorry to interrupt but my friend Laurie invited me to go on a cruise this week and Mrs. Anne was invited as well. I was thinking Harry could stay at our house for the week with his band. That way your safer with older boys. It's better than being alone, right?" Clearly my mum hadn't heard about what just went down at the diner. But I was glad, I didn't want to ruin her happiness. "Yeah sounds great, when are you leaving? Tonight at 8:45. The boat leaves at 9:15. Okay love you. Love you too, be good!" I didn't really know any details about her trip but I didn't need to. All I needed to know was that this week is going to be dangerous.

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