A Walk to Remember

What happens when Dakota Cruise goes on a walk she will never forget? Will she possibly meet up with her ex best friend Harry Styles who left her to take off on his singing career? Could she fall for one of this band mates maybe? Find out in my newest fiction that's sure to make you go crazy for updates;) Thanks for reading!!!!!! I write 3x a day!


2. Deep Breaths

As I frantically paced around my room looking for a halfway decent outfit I kept replaying images of Harry and thoughts of what could happen when he visits, in my head. Suddenly I heard the familiar voice of my mum calling for me to come downstairs. "Honey guess what?!" See that was the difference between her and I right there! She's hyper, energetic, and outgoing. Then there's me. "Yes? Mrs. Anne was just on the phone, she was wondering if you'd like to stop by for tea this week an catch up with Harry? His plane flys in tomorrow! Ha, Har, Harry?" I managed to say. "Since when is he coming this week? Since always I think! But here's the catch... he is bringing his band mates!" I couldn't believe what had just been said, so instead of trying to speak I took one large gulp in the back of my throat and sprinted out the door. I knew I had some cash in my pocket so I decided that I could spend a day away from everyone and everything. Maybe I could just explain this to Aubrey later. I felt like collapsing on the side of the dirt road to cry out every little tear I had held back for so many years. This can't be happening. Does he even remember me?! God, no. I couldn't choose whether I should vent to someone or be alone. Either way the pit in my stomach was going to keep growing deeper. I plopped a seat lazily into my car and took a turn onto the main rode. I can't show up Aubs. She's been through everything with me since Harry. First I pulled into an empty parking lot that appeared to hopefully be nobody's property. I took a breathe but that didn't stop the first droplet to roll down my cheek. After a few minutes I picked up my shit and started the engine. When I got to Starbucks I hopped out of the car and slowly entered the cafe. I checked the time on my phone, it read 1:21. Fuck I was late. When I spotted Aubrey I ran over to her. I told her all about my whole situation eventually caving in to her. We decided to take a walk and abandon our cars there. As we weaved through the skyscrapers I couldn't help but think of the voices behind me, mostly British but one differing accent. Finally I whipped my head around and couldn't believe the sight I saw. It was the band One Direction.

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