19 year old Eliza Smith has had some hard times in her life. She has no confidence or faith in herself whatsoever. She needs to become strong, because what she is about to face is more difficult than any thing she has faced before.


3. Two

Chapter 2

Peter and I stand outside of Diana's bedroom door and exchange a nervous look. Diana is never happy when someone wakes her up early, this girl values sleep more than a lot of things. Even though her parents and older brother Charlie are at work, we got inside the house out of our knowledge that the Edwards keep the keys on top of the birdhouse outside. "Now or never." Peter says, and we both run into her room with Peter playing "Diana" by One Direction. "MORNING DARLING" Peter yells, and I laugh as she slaps him and turns to the other side of the bed. "DIANA WAKE UP YOU KNOW TODAY IS ELIZA'S-" And with that, she jumps out of bed and tackles me. "Happy birthday, Eliza!" She yells in my ear and I hug her. "Thanks Di. Now hurry up and get ready Peter's car is here and we're going for coffee and shopping." I say and she squeals and runs into her bathroom to get ready, but then runs back to tackle Peter and says "Morning Peter, sorry I slapped you." She runs back and Peter and I sit down on her bed until she returns.

Suddenly, we hear a booming noise.

I look to Peter and he says "don't worry El, it's just a bit of thunder." But then we hear it again, and again, and Diana runs into her room and turns the tv on. The news blares loudly. "Several gunshots have been fired around the city of Manhattan. Two men have said they are looking for 3 teens. Eliza Smith, Peter Morrison, and Diana Edwards...."

Diana drops the remote.

Peter stands.

I run.

Diana and Peter run after me and hold me back as I try to leave the Edwards' home. "Eliza stop you can't go out there!" Peter yells at me, his voice breaking. Diana speaks in-between her sobs, "No! They said they would never come back!"

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