19 year old Eliza Smith has had some hard times in her life. She has no confidence or faith in herself whatsoever. She needs to become strong, because what she is about to face is more difficult than any thing she has faced before.


2. One

June 27th

Last year

I wake up and remember what day it is. My 18th birthday. But before I can think about it any more, I hear someone whisper from outside my door. "Eliza! Good morning, Eliza!" I recognize the voice instantly, it is the voice of my life long bestfriend, Peter Morrison. "Eliza wake up! Today's your big day!" I smile, and slowly get out of bed. I walk to the door and open it, seeing Peter with the biggest smile on his face and a bouquet of flowers. "Happy birthday, Eliza!" He hugs me and hands me the flowers. "Oh Peter aren't you a doll! Thank you so much!" I say, and hug him once again.

We walk outside my bedroom to find complete silence. My family is still asleep. I turn to Peter and say "How did you get in the house?" Before I can finish my question he holds up a pair of silver keys and says "Eliza your family really needs a new hiding spot for the keys, I mean, putting them in the plant is a little old... More like 18 years old, actually." I giggle and say "Well, since everyone is asleep, wanna go get some coffee? Go shopping?" "Yes! Are you going to call Diana?"

- Diana Edwards was my other bestfriend. Peter, Diana, and I have literally been friends since birth. We were born exactly 3 days apart. Peter, being the oldest, then me, then Diana. Which yes, does mean yesterday was Peter's birthday and tomorrow is Diana's. -

"Yep! I thought she would have came with you here?" I say. Peter shakes his head "no she's still sleeping of course. You know how she is." I nod my head, I do know how she is. She has a strict rule that no one is allowed to make any sort of contact with her until after 12 P.M.,when she wakes up. I check my watch, it reads 11:10. "Well looks like today Diana will be waking up a whopping 50 minutes early. Lets go" I quickly do my makeup and put on my clothes as Peter gets his car warmed up, (we live in Manhattan, it's 32 degrees.) I grab my phone and purse and quickly write on a post it note. "out with Peter and Diana. Be back soon! Xo, Eliza"

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