19 year old Eliza Smith has had some hard times in her life. She has no confidence or faith in herself whatsoever. She needs to become strong, because what she is about to face is more difficult than any thing she has faced before.


5. Four

April 17th

4 years earlier

When the men stop leading us, we stop and look up. There, is 3 cars. A man drives the third one into a spot and each man grabs ahold of each of us. And at the same time, Peter, Diana, and I start to scream. We know they are going to separate us. We cry and scream and kick but all the men do is put us in each car. Listening to the sounds of our sobs, each man drives in a different direction.

That day we each had something different done to us.

Diana, already being wounded, was the bullet experiment. They used ten different types of bullets on her, making her have 11 bullet holes in her body. She was left in a forest. Bleeding to death, and screaming. But was found by Peter.

Peter was used in the knife experiment. Ten different types of knives were thrown at him. He lay on the other side of the same forest Diana and I were in, with 10 knives sticking straight up from his arms, and legs. He knew he was going to die, so he let himself doze off. But, then he heard Diana's screams. He walked to the other side of the forest, taking a knife out each step of the way, and kept them for protection. He got to Diana and carried her to the edge of the forest, putting every source of energy he had into her. Once he got there, he heard me screaming. He told Diana he would be back soon, and went to find me.

I was put into the serum experiment. Ten different types of serums were used on me to get me to believe my family was dead, my friends were dead, I was attacked and murdered, and I was dead. They left me stranded on the side of the forest that Peter carried Diana to. When he found me, I was screaming and crying. But he was shocked I wasn't hurt. But I was hurt. Mentally. I was scarred, I still am. I never let go of the feelings those serums brought upon me. Peter carried me to Diana and we all sat at the edge of the forest and didn't say a word. Just screamed and cried until finally we were heard. We were brought to the nearest hospital by a woman we have yet to meet. A woman we have yet to thank. She saved our lives that day.

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