Clarice a normal 18 year old girl ready for collage is walking home one night. Then right on MiddleWest corner Louis Tomlinson kidnaps her. Louis, he raped five 9 year olds. He raped ten 16-15 girls. He killed 10 people. He is 23 years old. He has been to jail over 6 times. But once they get to his mini house love falls inbetween them. A few weeks later Clarice finds out shes pregnate. Make a long story short, louis kicks her out, she starts her life again up until they walk along the same road and he takes her. Again.


9. The years have passed.


  I walk down the sidewalk. I'm on my phone texting my friend Caroline. Suddenly I hear someone from behind me say, "I miss you" his voice way depressing. I stop. And turn around. I knew it. In frount of me was Louis. "Your the one who told me to leave" I whisper, walking closer to him. I look up at him. His eyes were sparkling. "What's his or hers name?" He asks softly. "Miscarriage" I say. "Sorry I was such an ass" he says. "It's fine" I say. "Why haven't you talked to me in the what? Last 2 years?" I ask. "I was.. Busy..." He says. "Oh" is all I could say. "I better get going my friend is waiting for me" I say. "Your friend can wait" he says putting his arms around me. I pull his arms off me and say "No I have to go". I turn around and keep walking. Suddenly a hand goes over my mouth and an arm over my stomach. I get tossed into a car. Knowing it was Louis's. "God dammit Louis!!" I scream at him. He shrugs and goes to the drivers seat and speeds off down the road. I brush myself off. We arrive at his house and I get out of the car and walk with him to the front door. He opens the door. And the place is a MESS!! I look at him. He gives me a cheeky smile. Then I hear a small scream. I go upstairs and into a room. There's about a 10 year old girl looking at me in total shock. "There's a spider on the floor" she says I find the spider and kill it. Louis then walks up behind me. "This is Clarice, she's joining us for dinner tonight" Louis says rubbing my shoulders. "Ok!" She says happily. "You two have fun while I make dinner" Louis says leaving. "What's your name?" I say. "Hannah" she says. "How old are you?" I ask. "I'm 11" she says. She pulls out a bear that was dirty and torn. "This is Mr. Snugget" she says. "I'm going to talk to Lou-" "Daddy" she cuts me off. "I'm going to talk to daddy" I correct myself. I smile and go down stairs to the kitchen. "Who is she?" I ask him. He grabs a beer from the fridge. "I found her walking around barefoot at 1 am. With a bear. So I took her with me" he says. Aww. "Oh ok" I say. "Can you grab me a Smoke packet they are down stairs" He says. "Sure" I say. I walk down stairs into the basement. I looked but I didn't see them. I open a door a find across the basement. I cover my mouth. Oh. My. God. There was blood and dead people in there. I shut the door and look for the cigarettes. I find them. I run upstairs. "I'm sorry" he says. He turns off the stove and looks at me then kisses me. I kiss him back. He wraps his arms around my waist and I wrap my arms around his neck.

***Louis's POV***

"Jump" I seem to slip out between a kiss. Suddenly a kiss turned into making out. She jumps and puts her legs around my waist. I walk to the bedroom down by the kitchen. I shut the door and taking off her shirt and unclipping her bra. She takes off my shirt. She pushes Me on the bed. And I slip her leggings off. I pull down her underwear. And take off my pants and boxers. "I'm cold" she says. I put the sheets over us and put on a condom. I push myself slowly into her. Then I start thrusting. Soon I was going faster. Her moans filling the room. "I'm gonna"

** Clarices POV**

I start to feel hot and tingley. I curl my toes and dig my nails into his back. "I'm gonna" I moan. "Wait" he says. I close my eyes. "Daddy! I wanna play!" Hannah says running onto the bed. Quickly Louis pulls out of me. I roll my eyes in annoyance. I turn away from the door. "Close your eyes and count to 10 then room to your room ok?" I hear him say. "Ok!!" She says. I hear Louis get off the bed and I hear the door shut. I turn around to an empty room. Then he walks in again. "I'm sorry" he says. I shake my head. "I better get going" I say. I get up and put on my clothes. "Stay for dinner at least" he says. "I can't I have to be somewhere at 9:30" I say opening the door. He puts on his boxers. And follows me to the door. "Bye Louis" I say. He tries to kiss me but I turn away quickly. I walk out the door and walk home.

***Louis POV***

I shut the door and walk into the kitchen. I see her phone. I go into the room and change into my clothes and grab her phone and my cigarettes and a lighter then walk outside. I light a cigarette and read her phone. The text messages were old from 3 hours ago. I saw on contact that cought my eye. 'Babe❤️' I look through the texts.

Babe❤️- Hey :)

Her- Heyx

Babe❤️- At 8 do you want to meet up at the cafe?

Her- Ya sure:)

Babe❤️- Ok see you then:)

Her- Bye love you:)

Babe❤️- love you too

I look at the time 7:45. There's were she left too

Hey guys!! Sorry it isn't the long 1. I'm very tired 2. I may have a slight case of writers block:( I'm trying to plan out everything. Here are some ideas; 1. Niall ends up being a bad guy 2. Liam and Harry are introduced into the story 3. Louis ends up fighting for her life 4. 5sos is introduced (👌It's coming up in chapter 13 ;) 5. I have you guys enter and everyone (or less then 10 people) be in the story (coming up next chapter) 6. You guys give me ideas!! I love reading your comments!! Thanks bye my sexy sisters 👋

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