Clarice a normal 18 year old girl ready for collage is walking home one night. Then right on MiddleWest corner Louis Tomlinson kidnaps her. Louis, he raped five 9 year olds. He raped ten 16-15 girls. He killed 10 people. He is 23 years old. He has been to jail over 6 times. But once they get to his mini house love falls inbetween them. A few weeks later Clarice finds out shes pregnate. Make a long story short, louis kicks her out, she starts her life again up until they walk along the same road and he takes her. Again.


1. kidnapped

        Clarice's pov:

 I walk down the empty street. In the night. I hum to myself. I feel like someone's watching me. I turn around. No one. I turn back around and see someone standing right in front of me. I look up and see Louis Tomlinson. "well your quite pretty aren't you?'' he says touching my shoulder. I stand still. Not moving. "come on you can talk to me'' he says. "leave me alone'' I say. "sorry can't do that'' he says. Then he grabs me and runs down the block and throws me in the trunk of his car. I scream and kick the car. He starts driving. I cry and scream. We drove for about twenty minutes. Then he stopped. He opens the trunk. He picks me up. I see a gun in his pocket. I look around. There were nothing but a small house. Which we were going to. Once we got there he let go of me and pushed me inside. "So, how you feeling?'' he asked me. I don't answer. "answer me!!'' he yells pointing the gun at me. "I hate my self'' I say. "well to bad'' he says. I look at him, he it sorting, knives. "what are you going to do to me?'' I say. "well since you've heard of me, I'm going to do the same thing to do to everyone'' he says. "rape, beat, starve, maybe kill, I'm not afraid to kill you'' he says.

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