Clarice a normal 18 year old girl ready for collage is walking home one night. Then right on MiddleWest corner Louis Tomlinson kidnaps her. Louis, he raped five 9 year olds. He raped ten 16-15 girls. He killed 10 people. He is 23 years old. He has been to jail over 6 times. But once they get to his mini house love falls inbetween them. A few weeks later Clarice finds out shes pregnate. Make a long story short, louis kicks her out, she starts her life again up until they walk along the same road and he takes her. Again.


6. Get Another *LOUIS' pov only in this chapter

Louis' Pov:

I heard the door close. I put my head in my hands and cried. I got up and punched the wall. Again. And again. As I yelled and cried. I threw myself on the ground. The house stood quiet. I got up and grabbed my keys and ran to my car. And started driving again. I drove into the mall garage and parked. I waited for a girl to come out. Finally one came. I got up of my car. And walked up to her. I put my arm around her. "Ahh nice evening isn't it?" I say as she looked at me, she looked horrified. I put my hand over her mouth and pushed her into the back of my car. And we drove home. I pull her out of the trunk. And drag her inside. She was crying. I pull her upstairs into my bedroom. "Undress" I demand. She nods. She undresses as I do. I put on a condom. Once she's done I throw her on the bed. (Think a tampon should come in here, idk I'm fucked up xD) I go to finger her, but she has a tampon in. "Take the fucking tampon out!" I yell. She takes it out and throws it away them lies on the bed again. I push in her. Fast. She screams. "Scream again and your dead." I say. I thrust Extremly hard making sure to add my whole penis in her. Everytime I trust I think about Clarice. Harder I go each time. I never believed in Love at first sight. But with Clarice it was different. The girl was in tears and she closed her eyes. I pulled out of her and threw away the condom. I got dressed. The girl was still on the bed in pain. "Get dressed" I say. She gets dressed and grab her wrist hard. And dragged her to the base ment. I opened a small door, that led to a small room, where I kept all the people I killed. I put her in there and grab a knife and slit her throat. I push her in and shut the door. I walk upstairs grab my keys and run outside to my car. I'm going to find, Clarice. I have too.

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