Clarice a normal 18 year old girl ready for collage is walking home one night. Then right on MiddleWest corner Louis Tomlinson kidnaps her. Louis, he raped five 9 year olds. He raped ten 16-15 girls. He killed 10 people. He is 23 years old. He has been to jail over 6 times. But once they get to his mini house love falls inbetween them. A few weeks later Clarice finds out shes pregnate. Make a long story short, louis kicks her out, she starts her life again up until they walk along the same road and he takes her. Again.


3. auction

 Clarice's pov:

I wake up. I sigh. I get up. Louis gave me my own bedroom. I walk out to the hallway. I walk downstairs. I step towards the window to look outside. Then an alarm went off and Louis ran downstairs, really fast up to me. He grabbed me. "oww your hurting me!!" I yell. He holds my stomach tighter. I start crying. He drags me up to my room. "AHH YOUR HURTING ME!" I scream as he walks to the bed. He grabs handcuffs and puts one around my wrist and on the bed pole. he throws me on the bed. I gasp for air. I hold my stomach. "don't do that again" he says. "what did I do?" I ask. "you tried to escape" he says. "no I didn't I was looking out the window" I say. "that's what they all say, I end up killing them" he says. Panic took over me. " I have a life unlike you, you just rape, kill, and kidnap people. I'm at my at my 1st year old collage trying to start my life" I yell at him. He slaps me in the face. Now I was angry. "fuck you" I says. He slaps me again. "I hope you go fuck yourself and then die" I say. He slaps me harder again. "I'd rape a filthy pig who just was raped by a fucking elephant, than touch you" I say. He punches me. I don't flinch. "fuck you about two million fucking times" I say. "were going to the auction" he says leaving. He comes back in with a Laced bra, a black thong, and 6 inch black heels. Then a  strapless dress. "Get dressed, ill do your hair and make up" he says leaving the room. I look at the clothes. I get dressed in them. I walk to Louis' room. "sit" he snaps. I sit down and look in the mirror. He curls my hair. He does my make up black and with really red lipstick.   We go in to the car and start driving. I keep to myself. We get there. I see a bunch of men smoking. I start coughing. We get out and I cough more. "Stop coughing" louis snaps."I have asthma so i can't be around people who smoke" I snap back. We walk inside and I see a ton of girls who look scared or some even look happy. We walk down the steps. We walk down a hall way and stop at a door that says, Tomlinson. We walk in. It had a bed, a bathroom, and a hall. "Where does the hall lead to?" I ask. "The stage now all you do is walk up on the stage go around once and come back got it?" He says. I nod. We were number 13 out of 20. "You can walk down now once the guy says go, go" louis says. I take off the dress like louis told me too and I walk down the hall. "Wait" the guy says. He stands behind me. He puts a finger in me. I push him away. "Don't touch me!" I say. He smirks. "Go" he says. I walk on the stage. I hear guys screaming they want me. I walk down the steps. They other girls go. Then everyone goes on stage, including me. "WHO WANTS NUMBER 1?" The announcer calls out. "ME! $2,500!" "$4,500!" "7,500" people scream out. Then he goes on. Then it was me. "NUMBER 13!" The man calls. "10,600!" A man calls. "11,999" another calls. "60,000!" Another calls out. "Anyone? 60,000?" The announcer calls. The man had blonde hair blue eyes a beautiful smile. He paid louis. He walked over to me. "Come on my name is Niall" he says walking to the room. "I'm Clarice" I say. We get to the room. "Ok let's start" he says. He kisses me. I kiss back. Then I felt butterfly's in my stomach. "Hard or gentle?" He asks. "Hard" I respond.

*** HEY HAI! So I added Niall cause he is perfect and he needs to be in every single book of mines sooooo yaaaaa. So I need 3 more comments (by different people) for the next chapter. Orrrr 4 more favorites!!! Tell cho friends and homies about this book. I left you with a sorta-kinda-of-a-cliff-hanger-but-I-don't-really-know so favorite like comment for the next chapter. Night US. I live in Ireland soo its daytime for me suckers. BAAAIIIIII!!!!! (If I say like the 'suckers' I don't really mean it I'm just joking I love you all the same and I never pre-judge people) BAI <3 ***

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