Clarice a normal 18 year old girl ready for collage is walking home one night. Then right on MiddleWest corner Louis Tomlinson kidnaps her. Louis, he raped five 9 year olds. He raped ten 16-15 girls. He killed 10 people. He is 23 years old. He has been to jail over 6 times. But once they get to his mini house love falls inbetween them. A few weeks later Clarice finds out shes pregnate. Make a long story short, louis kicks her out, she starts her life again up until they walk along the same road and he takes her. Again.


8. A/N

Hey guys this book is on hold for a month or so, I have just found out I have a eatting disorder/anerxia. So... I need to figure this out. I have a friend who I really like and he is helping me out lots. My mum isn't happy, or proud of me. AALLLL books are on hold. Sorry guys ;)....



Well guys I'm going to be taking over this story for now until the bae comes backs to write. Well hey I'm Angie and I been the co-author of this book but I haven't been on. I know I know. But after I read this I need to help her. But yeah if you guys are familiar by my fanfic '1D sex slave' I'm deleting it. I'm done with it and everything. I won't be on everyday because I'm busy but yeah. I'll try my best. Thanks guys!










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