Age doesn't Matter (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Nikki is a young girl that happens to meet Zayn Malik while he is sight seeing L.A.
Will there be romance or not. Read to find out.


10. What The Hell???

The day had come Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Barbara, and Nikki were loading up into the tour bus to head to their next destination: Phoenix, Arizona.  They had all their bags pack and they had everything they wanted.  
    On the bus Nikki and Zayn were cuddling on the couch, while the others slept in their own bunks.  Nikki was tracing the superman logo on Zayn shirt, while he played with her hair.  They sat in complete silence, until Zayn spoke up, "Are you coming to our concert tomorrow?"
    "I guess, what else would I do, anyways. I could look at you and never stop," Nikki said.
    "Oh really, even if I had some rare skin condition that makes my face unbearable to look at you," he retorted.
    "Depends, on how bad it really is," she said with one of her really cute giggles.
    "You know your giggles are really cute," he complimented, Nikki cheeks grew a shade pink.
    "Why, thank you," she giggled.
    "Your welcome," Zayn said bending down before giving her a kiss on her cheek.
    The rest of the night the lovebirds spent their time watching movies and just cuddling.  Every once in a while Zayn would give her kiss, just for the fun of it.  After a while the boys began to wake and joined them in their movie marathon.
    Around four in the morning Zayn and Nikki started to drift in to a deep sleep.  The lads thought it would be fun if they played a little prank on them.  The boys got a feather and whipped cream.  They sprayed a little whopped cream in each persons hand before tickling their nose with the feather.  Nikki was up first, she had a fit.  She screamed and cried because they put whipped cream on her face.  Zayn didn't care, it just got up and cleaned up his face, then he calmed down Nikki and helped her cleanup her face.
    Around noon the lads had to head to the arena for sound check, Nikki went with them and boo went shopping.  At sound check the boys were working out the problems with little things when Simon came in to surprise the boys.  He stopped by Nikki and watched the boys practice, "So who's sister are you?" he asked.
    "Not sister sir, girlfriend," she retorted.
    "Who's girlfriend then?" he asked.
    "Zayn's," she answered.
    "Great, just great," he said before walking over to Paul.
    Shortly Zayn came over and kissed Nikki passionately.  But Nikki pulled away not to far into the kiss. "What's wrong babe?" he asked.
    "Simon," was all she said.
    "What did he say?" he question.
    "Well he asked who's sister I was, then I told him I was your girlfriend, and lets just say he didn't take the information well," she answered.
    Zayn didn't even answered, he just left to find were Simon was.   Few moments later Nikki heard some faint yelling. She knew Zayn would be mad, but come on her relationship with Zayn isn't going to effect One Direction, that much. Simon needs to get head out of his ass and just be happy for the poor lad.  
    Within minutes, Zayn and Simon showed up in front of Nikki with serious faces planted.  "So, Nikki I am sorry for how I acted, it just you seem a little young to date Zayn how old are you?" Simon asked.
    Before Nikki could answer, Zayn spoke up,"She's nineteen, isn't that right baby."
    Nikki nodded her head in agreement.  "Well, that's not all that bad, I am happy for you guys, truly," Simon said before walking over Harry.
    "That was close," whispered Zayn.
    "You could of gave me the heads up that we had to lie," she stated with sass.
    "It kinda took me off guard, I wasn't sure if Simon would want to hear I am dating someone the same age as our fans," he said.
    "Fine, but if the secret is spilled, I am not covering for you sexy ass," she said turning round, and heading to Louis.
    Later on in the night the boys were rounding off their show,  and Nikki was standing off the side of the stage waiting for Zayn came back.  A few moments later the boys were making their way off the stage.  Louis first and ending with Niall.   "So, how was I?" Zayn asked snaking his arm around her waste.
    "Not bad, but I wish I had a better view, you were always on the other side of the stage," she pouted.  
    "You know I thought about that while I was singing Little Things," he said.
    "Try to stay on this side next time, promise," She said.
    'Defiantly, know I have to have meet and greets, but I will meet you back in the dressing room," he said before walking over to Paul.
    At the end of the night, the boys and Nikki were sitting in the living area, they had just started talking about the show, when Zayn's phone went off.  He had gotten up and walked to the back of the bus.
    After a while Nikki started to get worried, she went to find Zayn.  But  when she got back to where he was suppose to be, she found Boo and him, snogging.

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