Age doesn't Matter (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Nikki is a young girl that happens to meet Zayn Malik while he is sight seeing L.A.
Will there be romance or not. Read to find out.


1. Meeting him, and seeing the spark

One day the boy band, One Direction, was walking the streets of Los Anglas, California.  They were just sight seeing, since they had the day off.  Their Manager Paul finally agreed to having the day off,  after all the boys became grumpy. But it was all an act to get the day off.
 On their journey, they visited shop and did some flirting with the fans.  While they were flirting, Zayn notices a girl and her friend trying to capture the boys attention, it worked.  As Zayn tried making his way over, he was constantly pulled away by fans.  He didn't care about most of the fans today, he just really wanted to see the girl that captured his attention.  It seemed as if he fancied her.
 Finally he reached her.  Standing in front of her he notice how beautiful she really was.  She has wavy brown hair with bright highlights, like if she was a rocker.  She was wearing a pink sun dress that reached mid thigh and was extremly low cut, showing off her bonkers!  It seemed as if she had no make-up on, and if she did it was to the bare minimum. 
 Her firend on the other hand was about the same height.  She had short dirty blond hair with a large amount of make-up on.  She wore stone washed, pre-ripped skinny jeans and a shirt that said "My Heart is Stolen." She also has one of the most ugliest pair of stiletto Zayn has ever seen."So all the fans need to clear out," Paul, the boys manager, said.
 Zayn quickly spoke up hoping to let the ladies stay for a while. "Paul can these two stay, I would like to get to know them," Paul replied with a stern nod.
 On the other hand the girls look so confused, not happy.  They weren't sure what to think, Zayn Freaking Malik asked them to stay. "Really," was all the two could say.
 "Yeah, you two seem cool.  Oh, by the way I'm Zayn," he said with a cheeky smile.
 "I'm Nikki, and the stupid looking girl over there is Barbara or I call her Boo," She said pointing over to the blond girl.
 "Good to know and over there is Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam," he said pointing to the other lads.
 "Yeah I know, I'm a Directioner. But seriously why'd you want to meet us?" she questioned.
 "I wanted to get to know you because I kinda thought you pretty sexy, if thats not offensive.  Oh and before it slips out by the others children, your friend heels are pretty ugly," he said in a loud whisper.
 "Well she knows they're ugly, but she loves them," she laughed, "But you thought I looked sexy."
 "Well yeah, and I get kinda bored with those idiots," he laughed.
 "Then in that case I guess I could ship boo home and come with you, she's not into One Direction anyway," she said, followed with a small giggle.
 "Good, meet you over by the lads," he said in his AMAZING Bradford accent.
 All Zayn could think about was her.  She was magnifficent and her giggle, oh her giggle was so cute, and she isn't super tall, so she can my cuddle buddy, Zayn thought.
Zayn has a sevre case of the Nik's (Nikki Fever).


*A/N sorry for any spelling errors

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