Age doesn't Matter (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Nikki is a young girl that happens to meet Zayn Malik while he is sight seeing L.A.
Will there be romance or not. Read to find out.


11. Come Hug your girl

To Nikki it seemed that he wasn't even trying to pull her off.  That's when she screamed," What the fuck is going on in here."
    When they finally pulled apart, tears had already started to form in Nikki eyes.  Zayn spoke first," It's not what it looks like."
    "Well if it is not what looks like, then what the hell was it, because to me it was as if my now ex-boyfriend and my no longer best friend were making out," she choked.
    "What do you mean ex-boyfriend, I did nothing wrong, she came onto me," he defend.
    "Yeah she might have came onto you, but answer this, why in hell weren't you trying to pull back," she screamed.
    Before Zayn could answered, Nikki left the room, heading back to they living area.  In the living area she picked up her phone and went to her bunk, not letting anyone disturb her.
    In he bunk, she put in her ear buds and started listening to Moments, by of course One Direction.  She started sobbing, not able to stop.  She cried for hours, before she fell asleep.  Next thing she knows, she has two boys staring at her like she was an monster.  "Louis, Liam, What the hell. Leave me alone, I don't feel well," she said in her groggy morning voice.
    "Well, love do you mind telling us what happened.  You cried for hours and Zayn, won't even budge,"  Liam said.
    "Ask Boo," was all she said, before closing her bunk curtain.
    Nikki didn't leave bus for a whole week, she was scared to see Zayn again, she was heart broken. She thought she might love him, but most of those feelings left as soon as she saw Boo and him snogging.  She has even started cutting her wrist and she stopped eating, and none of the boys bothered her because, they wanted to leave her alone to willow in misery.  She truly hated he life, she wanted to die.
    For Zayn, his misery hasn't left either, he has just been coping with it. He continues to perform, but his smoking has increased lately, and all her wants is for Nikki to forgive him.  He wants to be able to hold her in his arms, every night.  He even has told lads that he in love with Nikki and never meant to hurt her.  He has started noticing that she hasn't been eating.  She never comes out of the bunk and when the other lads try to give her food, she refuses to eat.  One thing that keeps his spirit up, is that she sleeps with his batman shirt, she hasn't let go of it. As the days keep rolling on Zayn gives up a little hope.  He thinks that Nikki will never forgive, but Nikki has other plans.
    Today was the day, the boys were going to try to save Zayn and Nikki's relationship. They had gotten Louis and Liam were able to get Nikki out of bed and dressed somewhat decent.  Harry and Niall had set up a romantic, candle lit dinner on the stage at their next venue.  For Zayn he had wrote out his feeling in a apology letter and wrote her a song, that he plans to sing to her.
    Around six at night, Louis was driving Nikki to the arena, but she thought they were going o the cinema.  When they arrived at the arena, Nikki went inside not expecting to see Zayn, standing there on the stage in a suit and tie. 
     When she walked onto the stage, she took  a seat at the table.  Zayn spoke first, saying his speech," Nikki, I know you are mad and upset for what I have done.  But, don't get me wrong when I say that I miss you in my arms at night, I miss the smell of you perfume on my shirt.  I miss the was you giggled, because in my opinion you had the best god damn laugh I have ever heard.  And to top it all off, this time we have spent separated, I realized that I love you and that feeling just won't go away.  So if you, Nikki, would just forgive, and give me a second chance I will prove to you that I am the best boyfriend there is."
    "I guess I could give you second chance.  But if it happens again, I will be leaving the tour.  And do you know what happened to Boo," she questioned.
    "Last time I check she was going to go back L.A," he said.
    "That's fine by me, now come over here and give your girl hug," she smirked.
    Zayn did just that with no verbal response.

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