The Story Of Our Lives.

Tyler is a blonde girl with blue eyes. She ends up falling in love with Niall Horan but what she doesn't know is that he will become part of One Direction and that they will become bestfriends. She doesn't know that he loves her. But something changes when Ashton and Luke fall in love with her too. Hope you enjoy! No rude comments please :) xx


3. Best Friends

*2 years later*

Tyler's POV

"Niall! Run! Hahahah!" I yelled. We were playing Marco Polo in the pool at Niall's. It was his 20th birthday and there was a big party at his house. "TyTy! Come here!" He yelled to me. I got out of the pool and rushed over to him to hide in the shed. When it came to games, if someone cheated it would be us. I looked up at him not realizing that I had been staring.

Niall's POV

She rushed into the shed and snuggled in next to me. When I looked down she was staring at me somewhat smiling. She looked confused. "You okay?" "Yea. I'm fine. It's just.... Nevermind." "I'm here if you need you. You can tell me anything." I wanted to tell her how I felt but I knew I couldn't cuz I knew she didn't feel the same. I just wish we could be more than friends.

Louis' POV

"Tyler Jane Tomlinson! Where the sh*t are you! You cheater!" As soon as I heard giggling I ran to the shed. When I opened it Tyler and Niall were all up close and personal inside. "Ooo Lala!" "Shut up Lou!" My sister yelled at me. Her and Niall were both bright red. I knew Niall really liked her but didn't know she liked him back.

Tyler's POV

I wish Niall loved me as much as I love him. He's just so perfect. I want to be the one to wake up in his arms every morning. "Hey. Niall?" "Yes babe?" "Babe?..." "Sorry.. I didnt mean to.. It's just... Anyways continue." "Can I ask you a question?"


Hello! So this is my first fanfic and I need some advice with my writing! So please leave any suggestions in the comments! Thanks! X

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