How I met your mother

It's the year 2034. That's right 21 years into the future. The boys relive there lives and tell their kids the story of how they met their mothers.


1. Prologue

'It's the Year 2034. The latest craze is neon jackets and outlandish hair, and leg warmers are making a come back. Apparently there not the only ones, because ladies and gentlemen, welcome back one direction. Now, folks, that's a name that hasn't been heard in a while. Ever since the band broke the hearts of girls everywhere, as they parted their separate ways. Sources tell us that they stayed parted, fading into oblivion. We got over it however, they were getting too old to be called a boy band anyway. 

Although they have hit the spotlight again, with the announcement of a reunion tour. One things for sure though the reunion between the boys may be a little icy, I mean how long has it been. Ten? Fifteen years? Something tells us we may have a train wreck in our midst. However if your old enough to remember One Direction then back aboard the fan train and pull out your 'I heart Harry' t-shirts because tickets go on sale Friday.'

'Harry, put that junk away! It's all nonsense' a voice told him. The voice was revealed as a  women's hand reached around his body to smooth down his waist jacket. She moved to the front, where she adjusted his tie. 

'But even a gossip site knows how stupid this is. I mean, After all these years...' Harry began, his sentence being cut of by the taste of the women's lips. He happily pulled her closer and engaged in the embrace. 'Have I told you I loved you lately?' 

'Yes' she laughed. 'but I never get tired of hearing it' 

He smiled down at her. 

'What if it's a disaster though? What if it's not like old times? I mean, what if...' Harry spluttered.

'Sounds like a lot of what ifs to me' the lady replied. 'You won't know until you see them'

'Zoey Grace Styles, oh, how I love you' he answered, cupping her cheeks in the palms of his hands. She leaned into him before pulling away. 

'Its show time, baby' Zoey chimed, pecking his cheek quickly and grabbing her bag. 

'Please stay' Harry whined. 'I can't do this without you' 

'Im meeting up with the girls' she replied. 'Besides you have the kids for moral support' 

She rushed out of the house, pulling on a coat as she left. Harry stood in the middle of their apartment aimlessly looking for something to do before they arrived. He tried to tidy the already immaculate house but just ended up pulling at pillows and wiping non-existent dust from the shelves. Finally the door bell rung. His four ex-band members had been organized by management to meet at Harry's house. 

He dragged his sweaty palms down his jeans and stared at the door for a couple more seconds. A warm hand entered his and he looked down to see a beautiful, smiling face. 

'Its okay daddy, I'm here' his 6 year old daughter, Daisy, assured him. 

He gave her hand a tight squeeze before opening the door and welcoming them into his apartment. Everyone was polite and civil, like you would with a stranger. They basically were strangers now. Introductions were made, as all the members bought along their children. After that an uncomfortable silence hung in the air. Quick glances were spared at each other and eyes kept flicking to the time. 

'They don't look like they did in the picture you have daddy' Daisy loudly whispered, she pointed at Louis Tomlinson. 'That ones balder'

A laugh echoed from each of the boys and it felt like something lifted. A restraint on their behavior was unbuckled and speech seemed to flow. 

'I may have lost hair but I know something that daddy over there needs to lose' Louis winked. 'You still feeding that doughnut obsession, Harry? Looks like you also started on the cake' 

Harry scowled playfully and rubbed his enlarged stomach. 

'Hey I'm still the player I used too be' Harry defended himself. 

'Yeah, if the sports competitive pie eating!' Louis retorted. Niall's laugh resounded the loudest and they turned to look at him. 

'I don't know what your laughing at. Is grey hair the new fashion or did you forget to buy hair dye this week?' Harry teased, in which the boys joined in with the laughter. 'And Liam buddy old pal, what can I say? You got old' 

'This reminds me of the glory days' Zayn murmured and a content sigh fell over the group. 'Except fatter, older and balder' 

'Daddy, can you tell us about the glory days?' Daisy asked tugging on Harry's pant leg. The other children hooted in agreement. 'What are the glory days?' 

'Back when Harry here was a whole lot lighter' Zayn answered. 

'Yeah, tell us about when you were famous!'Asher, Niall's 11 year old son asked. He had bleach blond hair and was a spitting image of Niall from when he was that age. 'did you get all the chicks, dad?'

'When did you fall in love with mom?' Liam's daughter Phoenix bounced, her face looking up at Liam expectantly. Suddenly nine kids exploded into a buzz and Harry hushed them all. 

'Okay, story time if you all settle down' he said assertively and the children complied.  They all spread out, sitting next to each individual parent. Harry had daisy on his lap and his son Ryder sat on the floor with Niall's three boys- Asher, Hunter and Nate. Liam's daughters, Phoenix and Carter, sat cross legged on the arm of the sofa and Louis' son, Wilco squeezed next to Zayn's son, Zack on the couch. They all looked expectantly and Harry finally cleared his throat. 

'Tell us about how you met mom' Daisy pleaded, her beautiful brown eyes an exact replica of her fathers. The other children all nodded excitedly. 

'Alright! Where do we even start?' Harry began, looking to the guys for clarification. 'Lets make it fun though. It's going to be a guessing game. So we will change all the names of the girls so you can guess if they will end up together!' 

The children eagerly nodded in agreement. 

'How about we start January 2013, when Niall just introduced uh... Let's call her Becca to the group' Liam exclaimed. 

'Alright, so back 21 years, to January 2013...' 


**** authors note *****

So as you can see I'm thinking of writing a new fanfiction called how I met your mother. Don't know if I should continue though. I know this chapter was kinda crappy though and so please let me know if you guys like it and want to keep reading <3 comments would be appreciated. 



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