How I met your mother

It's the year 2034. That's right 21 years into the future. The boys relive there lives and tell their kids the story of how they met their mothers.


3. Chapter two

‘Okay, so kids, I promised I would get to the interesting part of our Journey, so here it is. So it was the day after I had met Skye, my sorta kinda girlfriend at the time’ Harry explained and the children nodded along in understanding. The one direction boys however laughed outraged.
‘Are you really not going to tell them about how you met Skye? She’s kinda important in the whole scheme of things, wouldn’t you say?’ Zayn asked.

'Yeah but I mean we can skip over the boring details of how we met. She saw me, fell in love with my wit and charm, as per everyone. Blah blah blah the end' Harry concluded, in which the other guys laughed hysterically. The children sat bewildered at the laughing sight before them.

'That's not how I remember it' Louis announced. 'Let me tell you the story of how Uncle Harry met his sorta kinda girlfriend who didn't like him very much' 

'Someone not like me? Impossible' Harry scoffed, leaning back further in his chair.' I'm bloody adorable' 

'So kids, Harry first met Skye...' Liam began but Harry interrupted, flying his hand across Liam's mouth. 

'Fine, if anyone is telling the story it's going to be me because you guys change the story every time' Harry settled. The kids had watched the argument like a tennis match, there heads whipping back and forth. Finally they settled there heads towards Harry and listened to the story. 


Saturday 19th January, 2013

'SHOTS!, SHOTS!, SHOTS!' the table of eight cheered. The boys of one direction and their respective girlfriends were clubbing for the night. They were all piled into a booth, with equal proximity of the bathroom and the bar. 

'Nah, nah, I'm out' Zayn announced sliding a small, shot glass across the table, spilling half the liquid overboard. Harry sat facing him, his eyes narrowed at his opponent. 

'You give up! I am victorious' Harry yelled, trying to pull himself up to stand on the table. A firm hand pulled him back down into his seat'

'Not before you finish the shot' Liam answered and began the cheer in which the crowd complied. 'SHOTS!, SHOTS!, SHOTS!'

Harry eyed the burning liquid before upturning the glass and shaking his head furiously to get the liquor down. He opened his mouth, to reveal it empty and the party screamed in victory. They had been sitting there for a quite awhile until Harry had been the last standing, therefore drunk was no longer a word that could describe Harry's state. 

'I think I'm going to find a victory lady' Harry slurred, pushing past his friends to make way to the bar. Louis accompanied his drunk, stumbling friend through the crowd of people.

'I'll have another vodka!' Harry ordered, hitting the bar surface in impatience. Louis slipped the bartender $50 to serve Harry water the rest of the night, because god knows he does crazy things when he's drunk.

'Alright mate, I'll be back over there if you need me' Louis yelled over the loud club music. Louis clapped him on the back but Harry had grabbed his hand and pulled him into a tight embrace. He also gets extra friendly when drunk. Louis peeled off his arm and walked away. 

'Hey miss, I'm sorry but you owe me a drink' Harry said directing his words to a pretty blonde next to him. She was abnormally beautiful. Short, cropped blonde curls which bobbed just off her shoulders. She was tall and curvy, but her most striking asset was her piercing blue eyes. She looked around as if to look for who he could be talking to and then realized his drunken slur was aimed at her. She faced Harry with indifference and smirked.  

'And whys that?' She asked sarcastically, while stirring her cocktail. 

'Because I dropped mine when I saw your beautiful face' Harry responded confidently, moving to the bar stool next to her. 

'Wow that's impressive. I've only heard that one twice tonight. Which is a considerable improvement since I've been asked if I was a parking ticket because apparently I have fine written all over me. Yeah, that one I only heard five times' she laughed and then turned back to face the bar. 

'Damn! That one was my second option' Harry chuckled and it earned him a slight giggle. 'I'm Harry' 

'I know who you are. Harry Styles right? International pop sensation!' She answered bored, not even looking up from her drink. 'Not impressed'

'Oh really?' Harry asked, his cockiness lost on her persistent rejection. He opened his wallet and grabbed a note, flagging down the bartender. 'Let me buy you a drink' 

'I'd rather just take the cash' she replied, as she plucked the $50 from his hands and strutted off. Harry sat astounded by her assertiveness before getting up and running after her. 

'Hey! That was my money' he yelled after her. She stopped in the middle of the dance floor and turned to face him. She started dancing and he followed her lead. 

'Was! As in past tense. It's my money now' she laughed and walked behind her to get to the centre of the dance floor. Harry followed her deeper into the sea of people. A guy came up behind her and started dancing with her. Harry lay his hand firmly on his shoulder and pushed him away. 

'Back off buddy, she's my girlfriend' he growled and the guy backed down and walked away. 

'Im definitely not your girlfriend' she stated firmly, staring Harry down. He stepped forward, their face's inches apart. 

'I can change that!' He replied. 

'In your dreams' she spat but couldn't bring herself to walk away from him. 

'I have this weird habit of making my dreams a reality' he smirked and she paused trying to think of a comeback but failing.

'I don't even know you' she answered. 'Your just some nobody in a club' 

'No wonder they all say nobody is perfect' he winked and she laughed but fought to keep it under control, she didn't want to give him too much satisfaction. 

'Okay! You've convinced me, I'll give you a chance' she agreed but as Harry moved closer, she put her palm on his chest to stop him. 'You have to do something first though...' 

She got close to his ear and whispered gently 'If you can pick up a girl wearing my dress, then maybe I'll give you a chance' 

They went to the bathrooms and Harry followed her into the female bathrooms. He stripped off his clothes in a cubicle and threw them over the top, at the same time a tiny red dress landed on his head.

'Hey you didn't tell me your name' Harry remembered, sucking in his breathe trying to squeeze his broad shoulders into her slender dress.

'You haven't earned it yet' she announced, walking out of her cubicle in Harry's jeans and hoodie. She waited for another five minutes until the cubicle door squeaked open. Out waddled Harry, he could barely breathe let alone move in the sequin clad dress. She burst out in laughter at the sight of this curly haired guy. 

'Now that's a serious improvement! You ever thought of a career as a drag queen?' She laughed, earning her a narrowed look from Harry. 

'Wow! Such a comedian' he said dryly. 'Im leaving you with my friends so you don't leave' 

'Please, I'm sticking around to watch the fun' she laughed and left the bathrooms with a waddling Harry behind her. They reached the table his friends were occupying and laughter erupted from the table. 

'Your so pretty Harry!' Niall cooed, grabbing his cheeks and pulling at them. Harry batted him away and set off on his mission. Skye was left with them to explain what had happened. The group laughed even harder at her rendition of events. An hour and a half finally pass, before Harry finally waddles back, with a brunette on his arm. 

'Guys, I would love to introduce you to Amelia' he announced, throwing his arm around her shoulder. 'Shes coming back to my place! So pay up' 

'Hi Amelia, I'm Skye. Did Harry pay you to come over here with him?' Skye asked her, her eyebrow arched. 

'Yeah, he gave me $100' Amelia replied, her bright smile clearly echoed her drunkness.

'Oh is that right, Harry?' Skye said, turning towards Harry. 

'Hey, where in the rules did it say I couldn't interest my female company with money! So the bet is over and I won' he replied, exuding confidence. 'So Skye will you go on a date with me now?' 

'Wait, this was all just a bet?' Amelia glowered. 'and another woman was the prize?' 

'Well... I mean...' Harry muttered, pulling at his curls nervously. 

'Wow, your such a jerk' she bellowed. She drew her fist back behind her head and released straight into his eye. Harry was thrown to the floor, the dress ripping, turning it into just a mini skirt and odd strips of fabric. People had noticed the commotion and immediately, phones were being pulled out and flashes started to blind the table. This is when security came over to escort the group out safely and without harm from the crazed fans who only just realized that one direction were there.

Harry searched outside, freezing in only a piece of red material hanging from his waist, for Skye. The commotion took over and he was hustled into a limo. As the door closed he saw a blonde girl, nuzzled in his hoodie, wink at him. He didn't even get her number.



'That wasn't romantic at all' Daisy complained. 'It was meant to be like a fairytale' 

'Did you really wear a dress, uncle Harry?' Niall's son asked.

'Did you ever see her again?' Wilco, Louis son chimed in. 

'Okay, kids there's more to the story, that uncle Harry doesn't know about' Zayn addressed the circle and all eyes turned to him. 

'What do you mean there's more to the story?' Harry questioned. 


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