How I met your mother

It's the year 2034. That's right 21 years into the future. The boys relive there lives and tell their kids the story of how they met their mothers.


5. Chapter Four

‘Okay kids, this next story is imperative so listen up…’ Harry starts and begins to launch into the story before Louis stops him.


‘Wait… Is it the story?’ Louis asks sheepishly.


‘We’ve has a lot of the stories’ Harry replied.


‘Like the time you slept with my sister’ Louis announced.


‘Half sister’ Harry defended. ‘and what about the time you made out with my girlfriend?’


‘Guys, just go on with the story’ Niall replied.





Saturday 26th January


‘Louis, do we both have to go? I mean she doesn’t even like me’ El pouted at Louis but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.


‘But I like you and I want you there!’ Louis replied, poking her dimple and making her smile.


‘Take Harry or Zayn, she likes both of them’ El insisted.


‘No can do buddy’ Zayn laughed.


‘I have a date tonight with a lady to win over’ Harry claimed and the whole group turned their attention to him.


‘The date with Skye is tonight?’ Maddy asked.


‘Yep and it’s going to be perfect’ Harry bragged. ‘But I’m not telling any of you because I don’t want to jinx it’


‘You have to tell us! What if you make an idiot of yourself?’ Maddy reasoned with him.


‘More of an idiot out of myself then getting my arm stuck in a claw machine?’ Harry tried and the whole group had to agree.


‘True, you’re an idiot all the time’ Zayn laughed.


‘Next issue on the table, who’s going with Louis’ El announced. ‘Niall! Becca! Want to accompany Louis to his mum’s birthday party?’ El coaxed to which they both laughed.


‘We would El but we have movie date tonight’ Becca’s replied sweetly and snuggled closer to Niall.


‘You don’t have to be polite, Bec. We wouldn’t go with you even if the other option was jail!’ Niall said bluntly and the table laughed.


‘What’s wrong with my mum?’ Louis asked defensively.


‘Nothing’s wrong with your mum’ Harry declared, before adding, ‘Something is definitely wrong with her Party themes’


‘Let me guess, she’s bringing back the crazy cat loving psycho?’ Zayn asked.


‘Wait, am I missing something?’ Becca asked curiously.


‘Oh, true you are new to the group. Well every year his mum has this psychic lady to tell everyone their future but it always gets weird’ Zayn confirmed.


‘I bet it’s not that bad’ Becca replied, trying to find the good in everything.


‘Oh, its bad’ El answered. ‘Actually I bet it would be better if you came along too! We could make it fun’


‘Yeah sure, it will be fun, Niall?’ Becca looked expectantly at her boyfriend.


‘No way! If you wanna let yourself loose at that freak show, fine but I’m not going!’ Niall said firmly but Becca’s face was just so sweet and innocent. I swear that girl could sell ice to a polar bear.


‘Fine!’ Niall gave in. ‘If I don’t make it back guys, make sure my cat goes to a good home’


‘Stop being such a drama queen’ Louis rolled his eyes at the dramatics. ‘But we should probably get going, don’t wanna be late’


‘Oh, we definitely want to be late’ Niall mumbled as he made his way out of the booth.


‘Yeah, I should get going too! Want to make a good first impression’ Harry told them grabbing his coat. 


‘Yeah, Mads we should probably go too!’ Liam said, wrapping his arm around Maddy’s shoulders.


‘Wait, so I’m alone?’ Zayn asked. ‘Single sucks! Wait up guys, I’m coming to Mrs Freak with you’


They all parted their separate ways. Zayn climbed into the back of El and Louis’ four wheel drive and Niall and Becca drove their own car to Louis’ mum’s house. It was an hour drive and when they got there they were already welcomed with weird. Rocks, gems and crystals were everywhere in the house. The furniture in the front room had been removed in its place just a blanket and a huge crystal ball. Incense wafted through the hallways in strong poofs.


‘Louis, my baby, look at you, so handsome’ She grabbed him by the nape of his neck and pulled him close, kissing his cheeks.


‘Niall, my lovely! Oh and Zayn, you boys just keep getting prettier’ she said affectionately, before encompassing both in a hug. ‘And Niall who is this pretty little thing’


‘This is Becca my girlfriend’ Niall told her putting his arm around the small of her back.

‘Oh well welcome dear’ She pulled her into a tight hug too.


‘Oh and Eleanor dear, your still here? I didn’t think you would last this long to be honest’ She said with disapproval, but she hugged her gently anyway.


‘Mrs Tomlinson, always a pleasure’ Eleanor answer sarcastically.


‘Mum, be nice’ Louis insisted, grabbing El protectively.


‘It’s my birthday you be nice’ His mum replied, hurrying them into the living room.


‘Hey, Mrs T, where’s you furniture gone?’ Zayn asked, looking around hesitantly at all the empty space.


‘Oh, just in the attic! Margie works best in a free environment’ She replied.


‘Oh, Margie’s back’ Zayn said faking enthusiasm, miming the crazy sign to the rest of the group behind Louis’ mother. ‘I just love me some psychic’


‘Yes dear, I should check on her now’ She said, busying herself in the kitchen. 


‘Okay, so we all must make our way to the kitchen which will be the waiting room. We must take turns into the living room because too many people crowd the energy’ Mrs Tomlinson explained and out came a lady behind her. She was an oldish lady, decked out in feathers and purple silk. She carried a staff, with a glowing jewel at the top, which she told the group was what draws the energy to fuel her power.


‘Who’s going first?’ Margie asked, scanning everyone dangerously with her eyes. ‘You’


She pointed a shaky finger at El and took her into the living room. She was in there for 20 minutes before she was shooed into the hallway and the next person was called upon.


‘Becca, you come, now dear’ the old lady said, taking her hand and closing the door behind them. Becca listened intently to the lady. She didn’t necessarily believe in the whole psychic thing but on the off chance that it was real, she didn’t want to anger the magic or power or whatever it is.


‘Now child let me tell you, you are beautiful and you deserve to be happy’ She began. ‘But I see heartbreak in your future, I see betrayal. At the same time, I see love, happiness and guilt’

‘Wait… who will betray me? Can’t you ask the magic person?’ Becca asked.


‘It doesn’t work like that child. I saw another thing in your future but I don’t know if I should tell you’ the old lady said, dropping Becca’s hand.


‘No, No tell me’ Becca said fervently.


‘Alright, the new focus of your future is bringing a new life into this world. But to keep balance in this universe, a life must be taken’ she warned, her eyes becoming glazed.


‘New life? As in a baby? But someone has to die?’ Becca replied, tears welling in her eyes. The old woman nodded gently. ‘But who? You must tell me who!’


‘Someone who you love very dearly, someone who you haven’t had much time with and who you would do anything to save’ the old lady confirmed.


‘Oh my god, Niall?’ Becca shrieked. ‘Well, I can stop this from happening. I just will be extra careful. I won’t get pregnant and no-one will die’


‘Be careful, child. The world has it’s plan and you mess with the balance and fate will step in’ the old lady chimed, before standing up and dismissing her.


Becca couldn’t face going back to the group. This was too much. She walked into the hallway and through the front door, onto the porch steps. She didn’t even believe in superstition or psychics, but Margie seriously rattled her. She breathed in the air deeply, and that’s when she heard sniffles. She walking down the stairs and sitting on the gravel behind the car was Eleanor. Tears lined her face and she sat huddled in a ball.


‘El, what’s wrong honey?’ Becca asked, crouching down next to her, throwing an arm around her shoulders. ‘Do you want me to get Louis?’


‘No, please don’t’ El said urgently.


‘Is this about what Margie told you? What did she say?’ Becca asked, maybe Eleanor’s future was looking as bleak as hers.


‘No it wasn’t what she said. Trust me anything out of that crazy bat’s mouth is made up. She thinks she can ‘hear’ the spirits but weirdly her power is only available when she’s loaded up on gin’ El said.


‘So you don’t believe she’s a real psychic?’ relief flooded Becca at her confirmation. The old lady had no clue what she was on about. Probably read her future from a fortune cookie.


‘Of course not’ El said.


‘So what’s wrong?’ Becca pushed, sliding down to sit next to her now.



‘It’s not necessarily what she said but I mean she just got me thinking’ El started. ‘About my life, I mean I’m so young and I want to go to Italy, Spain, Paris’


‘And you can go to those places’ Becca told her not really following why she was upset.


‘No but that’s just it, can I actually go?’ She babbled. ‘You know when I was younger what I wanted to be?’


‘No, what?’ Becca said.


‘I wanted to be a painter. I was a bloody good artist as well’ El said, a couple of tears running down her cheeks.


‘Hey you can be a painter if you want. You have to do what makes you happy. Follow your heart’ Becca told her and El looked up at her.


‘You think so?’ El asked for confirmation.


‘I know so’ Becca laughed and squeezed her hand.


‘Bec, I know I haven’t known you for very long but I need you to do something for me. I need you to cover for me. There’s something I have to do. Alone’ El said, her tears sobering as she jumped into action. She grabbed the car keys from her bag and started the ignition of the car.


‘Where are you going though?’ Becca asked, closing the car door.


‘Somewhere’ El replied. ‘Just do me one more favour’


‘Anything’ Becca answered


‘Tell Louis I love him’ El said, a silent tear running down her cheek. With that the car backed out of the drive way and Becca was left on the gravel alone.


‘Hey Bec, you seen El?’ Zayn asked from the doorway, as Becca walked up to join him.


‘Yeah... she felt sick and went home but she doesn’t want to ruin Mrs Tomlinson’s birthday’ Becca lied, feeling instantly bad for her deception.


‘Lucky bitch, I swear this Margie is on the one way express to crazy town’ Zayn laughed, throwing his arm around her shoulder playfully and pulling her inside.




‘Why did you stop?’ Niall’s son, Nate asked.


‘Yeah Daddy keep going’ Daisy whined.


Harry looked over at Louis who had a pained look on his face.


‘I’ll tell the next half…’ Louis announced. 



*** A/N Hey guys this is like a part one chapter and the next one will be part two because I originally had it as one but it was wayyyyy too long. Can you guys tell me what you think. Always appreciate comments, like, fan. Thanks xx   ******

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