is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


11. thursday was hard

** Note** ok i know that you guys probably hate me right now for not updating! but i plan on writing a lot more with cheer season being over and i have a break next week so yay!! here is this chapter i may write more if its not to late.


** Freedom's P.O.V. **

i really did not want to do any thing but be in Justin's arms that night. i was still upset with him but i understood that it was not his fault it was that dumb bitch Selena who was trying to take MY Justin! i was trying not to think of her because i knew that i was going to get mad.

Justin: babe?

me: yes?

J: are you still mad at me?

me: no im just mad at Selena for doing that. but i am glad you are with me

he leaned in for kiss. i loved his kisses the were always like the first passionate and loving.


there was knock on the door

me: ugh... i will get it

i got up and answered it


me: you have got to be kidding me _-_


** oh my gosh i am so sorry it short im on my desk top and i hate it i will get on the lap top later tonight! hopefully i will get at least three chapters OR MORE tonight!! well comment what you think!!

LOVE LOTZ <3 ***

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