is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


7. its been a while

** Freedom's P.O.V. **

the next morning was slow all i did was text Justin 

Justin-J /freedom-F

J- hey angel

F- hey J

J- what are you up to 

F- chilling in my room

J- where's ur dad?

F- out of town 

J- can u come over later i want you to see my mom and every one

F- ya would love to! be there around 2?

J- sounds perfect see you then angel :-*

it was 12 so i got in the shower and picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and a diamond sweat shirt with galaxy vans, it was chilly out and i wanted to walk because i didn't fell like driving i was to tired. i got to Justin's hotel and asked what room he was in

"the pent house sweetie" 

"OK thanks" i went to the elevator and pressed the top floor there was 20 floors so elevator ride was not short when i got to the pent house Justin and the crew were sitting in the living room 

"hey guys"

"Freedom so glad to see you again!" Pattie cam over and hugged me 

"hey angel" Justin came over and kissed me we got interrupted by Ryan 

"hey freedom" 

"hi" i giggled and hid my face in Justin's chest. we talked for a while then me and Justin decided to go walk around a bit 

"i'm surprised none of you beliebers has cam up to you yet"

"me too but i'm kinda glad they haven't i love them in all but i love you more"

"aw i love you too" we kissed it was a passionate kiss but more passionate then the rest his hands moved down and his tongue went in my mouth, we got interrupted by a voice

"Justin! who is this" she walked over it was Selena

"Selena this is freedom my girl friend"

"Freedom what a weird name" she gave me a glare i looked down 

"really was that needed" Justin was defending me

"sorry babe didn't mean to upset you"

"i'm not your babe" he was getting angry i could tell  

"Justin we should leave" i tried to walk away but he stopped 

"Selena if dare try to hurt Freedom bad things will go down and you don't want that i'm sure" we walked away and sat on a bench not to far away but far enough that Selena wouldn't come over to us.

"are you OK?" Justin's eyes were watering

"i just don't want you to get hurt angel"

"and i wont as long as you stay with me"

"and i will i just want to protect you" he was looking at the ground i lifted his head  

"i will be fine as long as you stay with me" i said it more direct this time he leaned in to kiss me and i kissed him back 

"how bout a sleep over?" i was trying to cheer him up 

"at my house were no on can bother us" i was looking in to those hazel eyes again and they were sad 

"please cheer up Justin nothing is going to take me from you i promise"

"OK... i want to hold you" he was quiet when he said this but i would take any thing that i could get he texted his mom and we left for my house.


NOTE: hope you like this chapter! What dose Selena think about Justin having another girl in his life? this is only the beginning between Selena and freedom! 



love lotz <3

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