is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


24. "im going out"

Justins POV

I walked in to the living room to answer a text I got form jewlya, the girl I have been talking to. I know this is a dick move but freedom doesn't give me anything.

Jewlya: hey baby wanna come over?

me: for sure ;) bee there in 20 be ready baby :-*

jewlya: mmm horny already

I walked into the kitchen seeing freedom on the counter staring at her phone while her thumbs move 100 miles a hour.

me: babe?

se looked up "yes lovey"

me: im going out for I while meet up with some friends is that ok?

F: of course, have fun what time do you think you will be back?

me: maybe midnight somewhere around there.

F: ok be safe baby!

I kissed her forehead and then she leaned in and kissed my lips

I walked out the door and got in the car to head to jewlya's house

"cant wait to get in that ass" I thought

damn I didn't even know I could get this horny.

I walked to the door and knocked she opened and instantly kissed me and it deepened... fast.


Freedom's POV

I was kinda worried about the picture that nash sent me but I couldn't jump to conclusions, I had to find proof and ask.

the whole day was just a chill day I called my dad talked to him for about 2 hours and figured out that he was in Finland which was pretty cool he was going to be there for about a year and half or more which kinda bummed me out but he had to do what he had to do to provide for me, then there was a knock at the door, I got up to go and answer it

" hey hey!"

me: ugh what do you want Selena?

S: I just wanted to talk with Justin is he here?

Me: no he is with some friends

S: really because I just saw him with a girl, they we in a pretty intense situation..

Me: what do u mean

S: let me just show you

she pulled out her phone and showed me a video of Justin and some girl in a door way kissing violently. I felt a tear roll down my check.

Me: you should leave.. thank you for this information, could you send me that video please..

S: for sure babe and haha anytime dweeb

*** one o'clock in the morning****

Justin walked in the door I was watching Monsters inc.

J: you didn't have to wait up for me babe.

Me: uh ya I did ur my babe I needed to make sure you got home safely from your sex session.

J: I home safe-- wait what

Me: the girl you were with the whole side chick thing ya I know about that.

J: that's bull shit

Me: mmhhmm take a look at this video that selena sent me.

J: I swear that's not me

Me: oh save it! im sick of your shit! anytime things start going good you find a way to ruin it! I just want to be happy!!

J: its not you are a walk in the park, ya I love you but love comes with battles, you are my prince-

Me: no im not. and if this is love then why are you with another girl?

J: I-

Me; no don't I want you out! go with that hoe you just ha sex with. and ya I know I don't put out but that's because I want some one special to take my v-card

J: am I not special

Me: by special I mean my husband dumbass not get out!!

** that's it. damn what just happened I went from writers block to all of that. well hope you enjoyed! **



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