is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


9. friends?

** Freedom's P.O.V. **

 i woke you to my phone buzzing Troye was calling me i got out of Justin's grip and toke the call in my dad's office

phone call

Troye-t / Freedom- f 

T- hey you haven't heard from you and got worried 

F- well no need i have been with Justin the past few days 

i couldn't help but smile when i said the 

T- Justin as in THE Justin 

F- haha yup 


F- sorry, but we need to hang out and catch up

T- hellz to the ya and plus i have some BIG news 

F- alright so where do you want to meet?

T- umm how bout the Green Bean cafe?

F- sounds good be there in a hour and and do mind if Justin tags along?

T- no! by loves 

call ended

by the time i put the phone down i felt arms around my waist 

"hey baby" he still had his sleepy voice 

'how did you wake up i was trying to be quiet" i turned and looked in those hazel eyes 

"i felt that you weren't there and who was that on the phone?" 

"it was troye we are going to meet at the green bean in a hour so get ready cutie"

we both went to my room and picked what we were going to wear he basically wore the same thing as yesterday jeans and a v-neck shirt that fit hi body oh so good. i picked out a pair of high wasted black skinny jeans and a whit crop top that said nerd on it, i also wore a pair of pink vans. i caught justin staring as i put the shirt on over my bra 

"take a picture it will last longer" i winked and surprisingly he whipped out his phone at toke a pic!

i laughed, "come on silly we gotta go" 

"do i get to hold your hand?" he held his hand out and i said of coarse and and placed my hand in his. 


we finally arrived at the green bean to see troye i haven't seen in him in the last couple of days because i was busy making googly eyes at justin but he understood.

"hey you" he ran over and gave me and justin a hug 

"hey! so i want to hear this big news you were telling me about!" justin just kinda sat there but i guess he was OK with it because he didn't seem bored just happy to hear all the gossip that has been going on  

"not yet they are going to meet us here"

"oo who's they? is it you new girl friend' i elbowed  him he laughed

"i'm going to go the the bathroom i will be back" justin kissed my cheek and left for the bathroom

"OK finally i didn't want to say the news in front of him because i think he would get creeped out" 

he paused and took a deep breath and said " i want you to be one of the first people i tell that . . . i'm gay" i wasn't that shocked , i always had a feeling that he would come out 

"good for you hun!! so am i meeting your boyfriend?" i smiled and hugged him and rubbed his back 

"ya his name is Tyler" justin still wasn't back so i went to go check on him

i found him and he looked like he was having fun and i could not believe that he was pressed up against the wall with Selena sucking his face off. i could feel the tears start rushing down my face i ran troye tried to talk to me but i kept running.

i couldn't believe that i had just seen the love of my life kissing his ex.


** justin's P.O.V. ** 

i was walking out of the bathroom and Selena had me pressed against the wall and kissing me. i tried getting her off it worked i heard crying and i went back the table 

"where's Freedom?"

"she ran out crying.. you got some nerve kid" and with that he went out to texting fast on is iPhone i texted Freedom

"hey babe we need to talk" i needed to tell her what happened and about the kiss

"don't you ever hey babe me again! i saw the kiss and i just have got to say you are a good actor just why rip out My heart why not pick some other girl that didn't truly love you? you know don't reply to this text! DON'T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN JUSTIN DREW BEIBER!!"

i was shocked i tried calling her all of them were ignored the one thing left to go to her house.








NOTE: hey loves hope you liked this chapter! there is a lot of drama coming up! comment what you think.

LOVE LOTZ <3    



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