is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


2. day of the concert

I had no idea what to wear tonight. i had to get other opinions i called my only friend (sad i know) 

phone call

-"hey Troye, can you come over i need advice on what to wear for the concert tonight"

-"of coarse. i'll be there in 10"

end call

if there is one thing you should no about Troye is that he is such a fashion-ista which is awesome if i needed help with an outfit. 

there was a knock at my bed room door "come in!" i was looking at all the options that were on my bed. "hey Freedom!" i turned around and gave him a huge hug i needed one after listening to all the fighting the other day.

"a hun whats wrong?" 

"my mom left... "

"oh she was a bitch any way why do you miss her?"

"no need to go in to detail i have bigger problems what to wear to the concert!" i dried my almost tears and turned back around the all of the clothes. 

" i like those black high wasted shorts with white converse." 

"sweet that's what i will wear i mean I'm going to get a t-shirt there anyway" i grabbed the clothes we picked and told Troye that i would text him later.

went to the bathroom and striped got in a warm shower, about five minutes i was drying my hair, i was just going to leave it down and my natural wavy brown hair. i put the clothes on and did my make up. went down stairs and said good bye to my dad. 

>_________skip to the concert_______<

i was really early so i could hang back stage. i couldn't believe this i was so happy! i had already got my JB short and was walking around back stage. i was tweeting basically every thing to my friends in Canada where i used to live, then i ran into some one.

"im so sorry " i said very shyly then i looked up and it was Justin 

"your cool" he helped me up 

"hi Freedom" i was shocked that he remembered me 

" you remember me?" 

"how could i forget a girl like you"

** Justin's P.O.V.** 

i helped freedom up and she was more beautiful then the last time i saw her. i have to tell my mom to pick her for the OLLG.

**freedom's P.O.V.**

" we should talk later" he still had the cutest smile ever.

" we should" i smiled and looked down

" here let me see your phone" i handed him my phone hopefully he wouldn't see the tweet i was typing.

 "you're a fan i see" he sent me a wink i could feel the blood rush to my face. he handed me my phone back.

"text me after the concert maybe we could meet up" inside i was screaming out side all i did was say "haha ok" and then he walked away right i away i got on twitter and saw a tweet that i didn't write it said "he freedom's followers its JB here and OMG i just met Freedom i think i'm going to die i wonder if she feels the same way ;)" i laughed at Justin because there was a selfie of him "freaking" out. that explains the weird face he mad while on my phone.

>___ about a hour later___<

it was time for the OLLG and Pattie was asking me if i could go with her and of coarse i did. i was sitting in a chair freaking out once more with Justin dancing around me, he asked me to dance with him i stud up and started slow dancing with the guy i have been crushing on since 3rd grade and i don't know if he felt the sparks but i sure did 

** Justin's P.O.V. **

as i was singing and dancing around freedom i wanted to dance with her so i asked her all the fans went crazy because of that but once we started dancing with each other it felt like we were the only one's there, but i doubt that she felt the fire works like i did. the song was over and she left the stage there were only 2 songs left to sing then the concert was over 

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