is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


22. back home

Freedoms POV

"DAD NASH IS HERE" the house was silent i went to check if his car was here. it wasn't there guess he's out of town 

Nash: i put the bags in your room 

me: ok i think i am going to get a shower then take a nap.

Nash: alrighty i will do the same, do you have a spare bath?

me: down the hall to the left 

nash; k 

he kissed my forehead and walk down the hall. i walked up the stairs and got in the hot water. i guess i was in there a while because i heard a banging on the door


me: ya nash im fine just uh blanked out i guess. 

i grabbed the towel and walked out wrapping my body in it. walking in to my room i could feel Nash's eyes on my ass.


Nash: there's that beautiful smile. oh and did i mention that you have an amazing body oh and your phone rang while you were in the shower.

Me: haha thanks and thanks i guess and umm i will check it after i get dressed

i put on sweat pants and a cut up shirt, put my hair in a messy bun and walked over to check my phone Selena called? huh guess i will call her back 


me: hey 


me: what do you want

Justin: to apologize for being a dick.

me: ok apology half way excepted.

J; what about the other half

Me: u half to earn that. bye justin 


i hung up then felt arms around my waist 

Me: NASH i do not think this is ok 

he was kissing my neck and did it feel good. 

Me; nash no 

Nash: why 

Me: did you not see  what happened like 3 hours ago? 

Nash yes i did 

Me: and if i remember correctly this all happened because of you

Nash: no i would never do that 

Me: nash 

Nash: i love it when you say my name 

there was a knock at the door 

Me: i should get that 

i walk away before he could say anything. i ran to the door opened it and could not believe my eyes. i was brought into an immediate hug 

Justin:i'm sorry free. i know i am a dick will you please forgive  me! i know you didn't kiss him Selena told me the whole plan to split us up after you left.

Me: you are a dick. 

Justin: do you forgive me. 

me: did you like it

J: what

Me: the kiss dumb ass 

J: hell no! i want my free's kisses can i have them

me: i can tell you one thing they are not free you have to earn them. 

i pulled him back in to a hug and his grip got tighter than ever. 

Nash: you have got to be kidding me 

Me: nash you should probably go 

Nash: hell no not with this dick here. 

me: nash go

Nash: don't come running to me when you get your heart broken 

he walked out. justin brought me into a hug again 

J; have i earned a kiss yet?

Me: if you bring me a water bottle you have 

he ran to the fridge and got one. i reached for it but he moved it 

J: kiss first 

he grabbed my face and smashed his lips on mine in the most gentle of ways. i pulled away even though i wanted to keep kissing him. i grabbed the water from his hand and walked to the couch turned on the TV my body was spread out on the couch. justin walked over and blocked my view of the TV 

Me; Move freak

J: let me lay with you. 

i shuffled around and Justin sat next to me in about 15 mins i was in his arms asleep.


** A/N thats it for tonight loves hope you liked it!! 


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