When, Where , Why

Harry and his Girlfriend go out on there 2 year anniversary, but there is a girl there who knows Harry more then a friend! Find out more when you read:)


2. who's she?

Tuesday night

December 10 2012

London England

Harry and I had just left the house. Lucy was with Sara. After 6 minutes we ended up getting to the restaurant. We headed in and sat down.

"Thanks again Harry."

"For what?"

"For always being here for me and not leaving me for any other famous person."

We had our dessert and just stood up to leave. Then a girl with long blonde hair like mine and a short short black dress and high heel stilettos. She walked by and was playing with Harry's hair.

"Hey babe, is this Jenn? Your sister?"

"Uhhh-ahhh, Hi May! Whaaaat are you doing here???"

"Oh is this your cousin your always talking about Harry? Hi my name is Jenn I'm Harry's Girlfriend!" I said confused.

"Uhhhh no? I'm May, Harry's Girlfriend."

Everyone was just kind of silent for a couple seconds. I rand out crying. Tears running down my face. I got in the car and drove home.

(Sorry this chapter is so short:))

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