The Frat

After joining a wild sorority ,Charlotte thinks she has finally found where she was meant to be. College. Alcohol, frat parties and sex? What more could a girl want? Is living the party lifestyle really all that it's cut out to be?



3. Revenge

I woke to sunlight from the windows pouring in.  “You have to wake up,” a voice sounded from above me.  I opened my eyes to find a tall, hispanic girl with curly hair.  “What?” I squinted my eyes.  The sunlight burned my eyes, and my head pounded.  “Your mother is coming soon, get up,” the girl poked my face.  “Who are you,” I asked. “And how do you know my mom is coming?”  She laughed before pulling me up by my arms and grabbing my hand.  “I’m Jackie, and you told me to wake you up before you crashed.” She shook my hand.  “Hi, Jackie” I smiled. “Okay, now get up, it’s 9:30” 

    An hour later I was showered and ready.  “In the front” my mom texted me.  I ran down the stairs and met her at the front doors.  “Char!” she threw her arms around me.  “How’s my big college girl? I missed you!” I chuckled into the top of her head.  “Mom it was only one night. I missed you too.” She pulled backed and studied me.  “Is that… a hickey Charlotte Rose?”  My hands crept up my neck.  My blood rushed to my cheeks.  Fucking Harry.  “I…I…” My mind raced trying to think of an explanation.  “I burned myself curling my hair last night.” I smiled with satisfaction.  “Oh, honey you have to be more careful.” She stroked it, causing me to flinch a little.  I’m going to get him back for that one.  

    By the time I was done showing Mom around campus, it was almost 11:30.  She sighed as we walked up back to the sorority.  “I have to go eat lunch with Dan, Sweetie”  she pulled me into another hug.  “You’re growing up so fast.”  “You know you only live an hour away right?”  I grinned. “Yeah, yeah. I know.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek before climbing into her car.  

    As soon as her car was out of sight I marched across he street to the Delta Delta house.  I knocked loudly on the door until a familiar blonde boy answered.  “Charlotte! How are you?” Niall asked.  “I didn’t give that massive thing to you did I?” he joked.  Smiling, I said, “Great Niall.” My eyes moved past him, and into the large house behind him. “Actually, Harry did.” “And you want to harass him about it right?” he smirked.  “Wow, it’s like you read my mind.”  Niall opened the door wider, letting me in.  “I’ll show you where his room is.”  

    Niall grabbed my hand leading the way, earning us looks from all of the others walking around.  After walking up three flights of stairs, and down various hallways, we finally arrived at a green door with the words “Harry Styles” on it. Niall smiled. “It should be unlocked.” “Thanks, Niall.” I kissed him on the cheek. “I think I should be able to find my way out.” He waved, and walked down the long hall way.

    I opened the door to find a shirtless Harry, still sleeping, sprawled across his bed.  His room was large, and very clean.  The walls were a dark blue and covered in posters of different bands.  I brought my attention back to the beautiful, sleeping boy.  His smooth body was covered in tattoos, and his chocolate curls were fanned out on the pillow.  He looked peaceful.  But not for long. 

    I crept up to the sleeping Harry and straddled  him, careful not to put my full weight on him.  This would be no fun if he woke up, would it?  I moved my hips in small circles on his crotch, getting a groan out of him.  I tried to muffle my laughs.  I brought my hands to his toned chest, and traced his tattoos with my fingers.  What a nice body for such an un-nice boy.  I brought my lips down to his shoulder, and started kissing up his neck.  When I reached the perfect hickey spot, I began to suck and bite.  This was going to be a good one.  My hips began to move again, as I continued to kiss around his neck.  I felt him get hard under me, urging me to go faster.  A smile of satisfaction spread across my face as the hickey started showing up. I bent down and kept on going.  He should learn his lesson now.  

    Suddenly, I felt two large hands move up my back.  My breath hitched as Harry’s eyes opened, full of lust.  He sat up and smirked.  He ran his hands down my sides and lifted my shirt over my head.  His eyes ran over my breasts, and down my stomach. Harry pulled me closer by my hips.  He placed his lips right above the line of my bra cup and made a line of kisses up my neck, over my jawline, and finally to my lips.  He passionately kissed me, his tongue skillfully moving in and out of my mouth. His hands made their way back up to my chest where he cupped my boobs, making light circles with his thumb over my nipples.  I moaned, grinding over his hardening crotch.  He brought my body next to his, his skin warm, and chest moving up and down slowly.  Harry took his mouth off mine and looked at me. “You look much better when i’m sober.”  His voice was low and raspy.  “You are still an asshole when you’re sober.” I retorted back.  He grinned. “Are you going to take your pants off now, babe?” I got off of him and put my shirt back on. “Nah, but have fun covering that monster on your neck.” I said before I walked out of his room.

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