The Frat

After joining a wild sorority ,Charlotte thinks she has finally found where she was meant to be. College. Alcohol, frat parties and sex? What more could a girl want? Is living the party lifestyle really all that it's cut out to be?



2. Party


A/N: Hi guys!!! I was listening to this playlist during the writing of this, so I thought y'all would like to hear what I was imagining for this party! :)





    I felt his eyes on me as I walked towards the center of the massive living room.  Huh.  I was told collage was hard and boring but this was beyond great.  I spotted one of the boys from the house.  His blonde hair stuck out from his blue snapback, with little pieces glued to his forehead with sweat.  He was pretty cute.  Actually, really cute.  He was surrounded by a group of girls, but was that going to stop me?  Definitely not.  

    I tread over to the group.  “Hey guys! I’m Charlotte.” I sweetly smiled, noting the other girls in their panties.  “Jane.” A  girl with a baby pink bra introduced herself.  “And this is Madeline.” She pointed to the short girl with brunette hair down to her ass.  Also in her panties. “Nice to meet you!” I nodded and smiled.  My first sorority friends, great.  I was introduced to the few girls in clothes that didn't look at me like I had a third eye.  The first one asked me to call her “Kitty”. She had pink hair and tons of piercings on her face, and the second was named “Terry”  but preferred to be called “T”.  Both were very nice.

    I turned to blondie and raised my eyebrows, indicating that I wanted him to introduce himself.  He chuckled.  “Niall.” He shouted over the music.  ‘Nice to meet you, Niall.” I shook his outstretched hand.  “You’re quite the talk already, Charlotte.” I cocked my head to the side, taking the drink of his hands.  “Good or bad?”  I asked before taking a sip.  Cherry vodka.  “Isn’t this a little fruity for a guy like you?” I joked.  Niall cocked an eyebrow.  “Hey,” he held his hands up.  “I can be a very soft guy.”  Kitty and T laughed. 

     “He’s actually a giant pussy.” I shot my head back to see who had made the comment.  Green eyes towered over me cockily smiling.  “Fuck off, Harry.” Niall raised his middle finger above his head.  Harry.  His name was Harry.  “Actually, I just came over here to ask Charlotte for a dance.” Harry said a little too politely.  He grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me closer.  I took a step away, breaking free of his grip, causing Kitty to gasp and whisper to Jane.

    I stood next to Niall. “Actually,” I started imitating Harry’s tone. “I was going to ask Niall to dance.”  He smiled, placing his sweaty cap on my head backwards, and placed his arm around my shoulders.  “Actually, it would be an honor to dance with you, Charlotte.”  Niall poked Harry’s face with his middle finger as we walked by.  

    “That’s your favorite finger, huh?” I asked grabbing the middle one and playing with it.  “Nah, Harry and I have a middle finger thing.” I smiled, leaning into him as we walked  “What is your favorite finger then?” I asked.  He looked down at me and laughed. “Don’t you think that’s a weird question?”  I rolled my eyes. “Definitely not.”  “Well, since I am bring pressured, probably these two.” Niall held up his middle and pointer finger.  That cheeky boy.  “Maybe you could show me how you use them sometime then.”   Niall’s breath hitched.  Ha.  

    We finally got through all of the teenagers, and to the dance floor just as a new song was starting.  (Okay, make sure you are listening to the playlist now.)  I began to sway my hips to the bass, and really start to loosen up.  “You look so hot in my hat!” Niall scream over the music.  “Thank you! You do too!” I shouted back.  He looked scared to touch me.  He was still having fun, but he was definitely scared.  I grabbed his hands and placed them on my hips, and began to dance more, but keeping my hands over his.  “C’mon Niall.  Don’t be afraid to touch me.” I said into his ear.  “I know you know what you are doing.”   

    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry with some blonde all over his manhood.  Our eyes met and I smiled at him, earning an eye roll.  “You are so incredibly sexy, Char.” He growled into my ear.  See, when I was younger, I was taught to take great opportunities, and there definitely was one right in my hands.  Not only do I have a very attractive boy telling me that I am sexy, but another one watching me.  Time to kill two birds with one stone.  

    I placed hungry kisses on Niall’s jawline, causing him to gasp.  I turned and began to grind on his crotch, keeping eye contact with Harry the whole time.  “Want to go up to my room?” Niall asked over the music.  “Maybe if you show me where you got that cherry vodka first.” He smiled before taking my hand.  I winked at Harry as we disappeared from the dance floor.  

    “Fun fact, we keep all the good stuff in the garage.” Niall said guiding me down some hallway.  He opened the door at the end, revealing a bar with various drinks.   The garage was very large.  It had several couches, all of which had drunken people making out, and a huge television on the wall.   A cup was placed in to my hand.  I took a sip. Cherry vodka.  I smiled and thanked Niall.  “This was fun, Niall.”

“Very fun Charlotte.” 

“We should hang out sometime.”

“We seriously should.” 

    I put out my hand.  “Here give me your phone.” He pulled it out from his jean pocket, and handed it to me.  I added my name and number to the contacts.  “I’m trusting you to remember to text me.” I handed it back.  “You would be very hard to forget, Charlotte.” I smiled.  “I’m sorry, I have to leave now.  I can’t be too shitfaced when my family comes to visit me.” We both chuckled.  He pulled me into a hug. “See you later.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek.  

    After about ten minutes of searching, I found the way out.  To my relief the Zeta Beta house was only across the street.  Scuttling to my pile of clothes on the lawn, I grabbed them and ran across the street, home.  


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