The Frat

After joining a wild sorority ,Charlotte thinks she has finally found where she was meant to be. College. Alcohol, frat parties and sex? What more could a girl want? Is living the party lifestyle really all that it's cut out to be?



1. Initiation

    My feet padded across a wet, thumping ground.  I grabbed on to the rope next to me, guiding us.  Hurried breaths and nervous whispers could be heard alongside the sound of booming music.  The rope stopped moving.

    “Ladies,” Piper said over the music.  “Welcome to the 143th annual Zeta Beta sorority initiation.  Please remove your blindfolds.” 

    I did as I was told.  There were about fifteen other girls of all shapes and sizes all lined up in a row.  We were standing on the the front lawn of a large, white house.  Music and laughter was pouring through the open windows, along with the smell of alcohol.  The multicolored lights revealed bodies pressed against each other, moving to the beat, and on the front lawn, a sign with the words “Delta Delta”.  

    Groups of people started walking out, looking at us as if we were bait, on the side stood a group of attractive boys.  I’m assuming they were the members of “Delta Delta”.  

    Piper crossed her arms, walking up and down the row, looking each one of us in the eye.  “Now, if you are brave, i’m going to need you to remove your clothes,” She flicked her perfect ponytail back. “And if not, i’m going to need you to leave.  I expect your belongings to be out by tomorrow morning.” 

    The girls glanced at each other nervously, waiting for the first one to strip, or leave.  The large girl on the end of the row left, with two others following.  I took a deep breath.  Might as well.  With shaky hands I took a step forward and unbuttoned my shorts.  The yard silenced, except for the music left in the house.  I glanced up nervously, catching the stare of one boy with piercing green eyes.  I kept my eyes locked with his as I removed my shirt, earning whistles from the group of boys.  I smirked, making his jaw drop.  

    I turned to Piper innocently smiling.  “Can I go party now?”  She nodded with a proud smile. “You’re going to fit in great here.”  I thanked her, and walked past with swaying hips, throwing flirtatious wave at the frat boys.  

    As soon as I walked through the threshold, the warm air and smell of intoxicated teens filled my nose.    I pushed through the large mass of people, trying to get to the drinks.  Let’s see how fun I can make this party.    I decided to go to the left.  Maybe the kitchen was over there.  I pushed through the bodies, receiving me dirty looks from the girls, and wide eyed stares from the guys.  Was this house big enough?  God.  After two or three songs I FINALLY found it.  I grabbed a red cup and started to fill it with Lord knows what.  

    A large hand found its way to my lower back.  I leaned back on to his chest, running my hand to the back of his neck.  A move I had perfected back at home.  Bringing his head down, I put my lips to his ear.  “Don’t you know it’s rude to touch without asking?”  My favorite line. He chuckled.  “You are in my house.  Therefore you are mine, babe.”  His voice was low and gravely.  

    I turned to him laughing.  The guy with green eyes.  “Prove it.” He smirked, accepting the challenge.  He wrapped his hands around my waist, and pushed me against the wall.  He slowly ran his hand up my inner thigh, and past my stomach.  His long fingers traced the cup of my black, lace bra.  “If you weren't mine, could I touch you like this?” His hands ran over my boobs and squeezed them lightly before moving my bra straps off of my shoulders.  His hands ran down my arms, where they found their place on my hips again.   He lowered his head and let a warm breath waterfall down my arm before leaving a trail of soft kisses from where my strap was to the corner of my lips.  “If you weren’t mine could I kiss you like this?” I nearly shattered as his soft lips met my neck.  He sucked and left wet kisses all over.  A small whimper escaped from my lips.  “You like that, babe?” “Tell me your name.” I breathily said.  He leaned in and placed his lips on mine.  

    He tugged at my bottom lip before inserting his tongue into my mouth.  He tasted like mint and cheap alcohol.  His arm snaked around my bare waist and pulled himself to me.  I ran my fingers through his hair and began to grind against him, earning myself a moan from him.  “Fuck” he said into my mouth.  It was my turn to take control.  

    I took a step back.  “Come to my room with me.” he tugged at my hand.  “Sorry, I’m not that easy.” I brushed my hair out of my eyes.  “Next time then, yeah?” I shrugged.  “Maybe after I try out all of your room mates.” I said before walking back into the ocean of people.

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