The demons in you

no one has whats living in them written on their foreheads, conciousness is something everyones heard of, but not something everyone is capable to achieve....


1. awareness

No one has whats living in them written on their foreheads. If you look at someone you cant even begin to imagine what they've been through or what they are putting up with day to day. My mum says I have a wild imagination, thats all.. but I know that its more. Its conciousness, its awareness of things not everyone are capable to see. I dont go around talking about these things, people would think i'm crazy, and if thats what you're thinking think again.. if out of 100 people 10 people feel this way, are they all crazy or simply talented? You may be confused or not even know what i'm talking about, but if you'd feel what i can you would. I think as a child people are more aware, more open to these kind of things. Did you ever lay in bed and feel like you weren't the only one in the room even if it was empty? What if you were right? You know the story about Colombus' boats right? The tribes saw huge waves on the shore but they had no idea why.. So they sent someone out there too find out, after 3 days of meditation he saw the boats even though they had been there all along. He then had to describe exactly what they look like and only then could the other people see them, you cant see something if you dont know what to see.

if anyone likes it let me know and i will continue:)

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