Forgotten love

Hi my name is lexis and I'm 19 Im going to a collage in London I always want to be a singing major so I needed a fresh start but will it ........


13. party!!!

So the pajama party is in like 2 hours so we went to j and bri's room to get are pajamas they were onsies they wear the ones that were tight in the right places mine was peach devan was blue j was yellow bri was purple and lace was red and we all curled are hair we were finally done so we put are hoods on and made it to my dorm the guys we already there so we walked in and and sad suprise they were in wow I go in the kitchen to find a thirsty harry so I said thirsty much ya I need to cool my mouth down I just saw the hottest thing wats that u babe awe I love your pajamas to just pants .

Harry's p.o.v

right when lexis walked in I was speechless I had to go get a drink to cool down she came in and her pajamas were tight in all the right places we walked in with the boys and they said that we r gonna go get snacks do u wanna come sure so we walk out in are pajamas and my arm is around lexis until j yelled go so lex and all the girls ran to the elevator and shut it we were surprised and ran to get them we got there in time then the elevator opened and it looked empty we went in there and got jumped on by the girls an louis yelled were getting attacked by a bag of skittles they were on r backs when it opened and we ran to the locker room they jumped off and separated a shower turned on so zayn went in to that one then another one turned on then another then all we herd the doors shut and lock then all of us turned around and saw lexis and the girls and Stacy she gave liam a smirk and he blushed the had soap in there hands don't u dar-and that's when it stated war it was so slippery water and soap every were and lex fell into the bumbles then I tried to find her but all of a sudden I was pulled down she was on top of me pouring soap in my hair and she had this crazy white stuff that was on my chest she got up and said catch me if u can I was walking around and u saw Devan and louis laughing liam and Stacy playing round j and zayn cleaning up Niall and lacy dying of laughter and bri and jake running around then I saw lexis I just stared at her then said come here I was about to kiss her but some one yelled stop we all hit the ground and crawled to the e it sense there was bubbles every were then louis yelled run and we booked it to lexis' room the girls got changed and so did we then we got a knock on the door Devan answers it and says comin mr.dean yes I would like to ask u why there is a trial of bubbles to your room .

Devans p.o.v

I was gonna speak but lexis said I don't know why would u ask well ms.hotts there is a issue in the locker room and we were just wondering if u guys new anything well ge- I cut lexis off before se said anything she would regret thank u for your time if u see anything plz contact us ok will do me.dean !

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