Forgotten love

Hi my name is lexis and I'm 19 Im going to a collage in London I always want to be a singing major so I needed a fresh start but will it ........


7. mine

We all go home and before we do I see Devan and Louis making out so I cleared my thought and they stopped and Devan was red louis said what I can't kiss my girlfriend your dating ya that's great. Now get out harry is leaving ok come on Devan walk me to the door ok let's go I was sitting on the couch when I got a text saying open the door so I go over there and right when I open it I got a text saying miss me . I just spoke yes harry the hole5 minutes that's my girl listen styles don't jump ahead now what do u want he took me inside pushed me on the bed and got on top I want u to be mine will u I was looking in his eyes and said yes then we kissed he didn't ask for entry just a sweet passionate kiss we came apart and I said bye styles by kitten .

Harry's p.o.v

I can't believe she's mine I like her a lot I love when we kiss ring ring my phone went off it was Liam harry u still down for the. Whole thing ya u yes harry wanting to check if your little girl didn't get in the it's fine I'll be there . I hung up I really can't wait to see kitten again maybe I will sneak to her room tonight sense Devan is going to a meading for some school thing .

Lexis p.o.v

I got a text around 7 saying can I come over kitten and just said yes I don't care only cause Devan isn't here ok I'm here I go open the door what if I said no I would of came any ways ok come in before u get caught ok babe sense your so concerned we went on the couch and decided we were gonna watch a movie he picked saw it was freakin scary at one part I found myself in Harry's arms so we just snuggled until he whispered in my ear is my kitten scared . I turned an sat on him leg on each side and said yes harry I am what r u gonna do I will show u he throw me off making him on top and kissed me he licked my bottom lip and I excepted we were making out am I really making out with the baddest boy in school we broke apart for air and I had a big smile on my face what's that about kitten I just made out with the hottest boy in school and I just made out with the sexiest girl on campus I pushed him off and ran to the kitchen were u going kitten away from I styles I ran until I felt to arms go around me and pic me up I got u hahaha shut up styles I'm not letting u go until I show me your love bite fine I showed him it and he did it even more he hit my sweet spot and I moaned so he sucked harder then he moaned he finally stopped and let me down so I know were to go when I have u in bed I was shocked and said and that won't be any time soon then he pretended to cry don't cry styles but I want the kitty isn't that to bad then he laughed we were cuddling in my bed then I fell asleep on his chest I woke up to nobody on the side of me I just said what ever me and Devan decided to wear a dress today so I wore a Minnie dress that was navy blue with a pink bow on the back with navy blue pumps sense I was only 5'2 she wore a a pink and white stripped dress with white flats .

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