First Love

This is a story about a girl named Valeria's first love, Jason. Don't hate if it's bad. Leave a comment saying what I should change and/or add. This is a story about me pretty much. Read to see all the drama and sadness along with all the love.


6. Way towards the park

Me and Sydney decided to go to a park around ten minutes away. I texted Jason and asked if he could come. He said he would be there in a little while. I told my mom where I was going to be. She said I can go as long as I take my little sister. I hated it when she did that. Especially because my lil sis is six! 

My mom made me take her so I did. I changed into a purple tee , and skinny jeans. I ran down staires and made sure not to forget my dark purple jacket. I called my sister downstairs and told her to hurry up and put on her shoes. She did as I said and we went on our way. I walked across the street pulling Nicole by her Wrist. I rang the door bell and Sydney came out wearing her camo jacket, a tangtop, and skinny jeans. We started walking towards the park. 

There was a construction site right next to the park and no one would be there on weekends. As we approached the gate with our hoods up we notices this time they closed it enough so that even Sydney couldn't get in. This wasn't a problem at all. That's where wearing the jacket came in. 

A few weeks ago we had found a small path through the trees into the construction site. It wasn't too hard to get past as long as you protected your arms an knees. If not you would get scratched everywhere. 

We went in and stayed on the path, jumping over a tree. Then we made it out and made a run towards the park. Jason had beat us there. 


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