First Love

This is a story about a girl named Valeria's first love, Jason. Don't hate if it's bad. Leave a comment saying what I should change and/or add. This is a story about me pretty much. Read to see all the drama and sadness along with all the love.


13. The end of us

I couldn't take it anymore. The talent show was a week ago and I had decided not to break up with Jason. That decision isn't working out. 

I really liked Joseph. Alot more than Jason now. I didn't like it but what else could I do. I had moved on from Jason. 

When I got home from school I texted my best friends for advise. They asked me a few questions to see which I like better. In the end, Joseph won by alot. 

Then, I had my answer. 

I texted Jason and told him I'm breaking up with him. 

Around an hour later I regretted it. 

Then I forgot about him for the rest of summer break. Then when school started again, I started going out with Joseph. Jason had moved during the summer. 

Joseph was a bad idea and breaking up with Jason was a terrible and selfish decision. 






This was a true story. I still regret breaking up with Jason a few months ago but I've found someone better. Better than Joseph too. But that's, a whole other story. 

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