First Love

This is a story about a girl named Valeria's first love, Jason. Don't hate if it's bad. Leave a comment saying what I should change and/or add. This is a story about me pretty much. Read to see all the drama and sadness along with all the love.


12. Talent show.

You may recall I mentioned the talent show in one of the earlier chapters. Well auditions were soon and I decided to do a duet with my good friend raelyn. I had seen her video on YouTube and she was an amazing singer. We couldn't decide on what song to sing so we did the only one that we both knew. We are never ever Getting Back Together , by Taylor Swift. 

We practiced and worked out the details and which part we got our solo on. Then audition day came. We sand the song and did great! Except for the fact that I messed up a little on my solo. But other than that we did amazing considering we didn't have a lyric sheet or the music playing. 

The next week on Monday, they announced who got in. When they said me and raelyn I was smiling from ear to ear. Now we had to work on winning. We started hanging out after school and making some dance moves to go with the singing. Then, on the day of the preformance we had to practice during class. We were ready. 

On the first performance, the younger half of the school came and voted on their favorite performance. Then the next day we performed for the older half of the school and judges. That time, I had to perform in front of Jason. We were still together and I still got butterflies from singing in front of him. I made sure to do better than the performance before and I did. The entire time, I stared at him. Thinking about the lyrics I was singing. Should I break up with him? 

 At the end the judges announced which group got the most votes from students. They said the karate kids won that. They went up and got their medals. Then the judges announced which group they picked and it was me and raelyn! We were super happy and raelyne even started crying. It was a great moment. We went up and got our medals.

Once it was over, I asked myself, should I break up with him. I decided against it but that decision didnt last long. 

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