First Love

This is a story about a girl named Valeria's first love, Jason. Don't hate if it's bad. Leave a comment saying what I should change and/or add. This is a story about me pretty much. Read to see all the drama and sadness along with all the love.


3. Finally together

One Saturday afternoon, I went to the park. Max was there and I slapped him for starting the rumor that pretty much ruined me. I was mad. He laughed and I kicked him in the shin. I thought he was my friend but I guess not. I tried to just ignore the fact that it was him and I tried to get along with him. 

 Later on, Jason came on his skateboard. We hung out and then things started getting awkward. I would see Jason staring at me. Every now and then I would notice but I wouldn't act like it. Then Jason went with Max for a "guy talk". I tried sneaking around to see what they were talking about. I finally got close enough but then they noticed me. They ignored it and, since Jason had said what he wanted to say, we hung out again.

Around five minutes later we somehow started talking about me liking Jason. This was embarrassing of coarse. Then, out of nowhere, Max blurts out "JASON LIKES YOU!" And I just stood there, blushing. I didn't believe it at all. Well not until Jason got all mad at Max for blurting it out. Then over the next few minutes, Jason and I were talking and he said "well i know your a good girl and your parents don't let you date yet so if we wanna go out you have to keep it a secret from your parents." "Fine by me", i answered. Then he asked me out.

I was happy and then Max started being annoying and throwing around wood chips for the "wedding." Then two other people joined in. 

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