Unexpected love

Kendra and her friends are just normal teenagers but on there Summer vacation will there be love and romances or is someone going to come and mess everything up READ to find out!!!


5. chapter 4

Kendra's POV

I woke up and look on my phone and look at the time it was 7:46 so I decided to put my shoes on brush my hair and go out on the beach. I went to look at the sun setting in the water.

Liam's POV

I was sitting on the couch with the other guys we were watching films. I got bore and told the guys I was going out to the beach. I went out there and saw one of the girls out there watching the sun set into the water I wanting to go up to her but I was getting kinda scared. So I finally went up to her and said its beautiful isn't it I think I scared her because she jumped a little oh I'm sorry didn't mean to scare you love. Oh no it's ok I thought I was the only one out here she said. So what's your name love I said Kendra and yours. You don't know who I am. No am I supposed to she asked. I chuckle a little and said no I guess not I'm Liam. We'll hello Liam how are you she said scarcasticly. We'll I'm good how bout you I said scartastic back to her she laugh a little and I'm wonderful with a big smile in her face. We'll I'm going to go back in bye Liam goodbye I said back and she walked away. God she was beautiful I kept on thinking. I stood there for a minute and then went back in with the biggest smile on my face.

What are you so happy about Liam, Louis ask oh nothing just that talked to the prettiest girl ever. Really who is she harry ask. Her name is Kendra she has long dirty blonde hair sorta tall a very light blue eyes I said. Did you get her number Niall ask. Oh shit I forgot well I can get it tomorrow she is one of the girls next door. We'll I'm going to sleep guys night I said. Goodnight.

I went to go lay down and go to sleep but I couldn't sleep I kept on thinking about Kendra. Come on Liam she's just a girl go to sleep but I couldn't that's all in could think of nothing else just her.

Kendra's POV

I went inside after I tales to Liam I went in and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I wasn't that hungry for some reason so I just ate a banana and I was full I went into the living room and turn on the t.v to E! News. After about 5 hours I took sleeping pills to go to sleep since I wasn't tired.

(Next day)

I woke and went in the bathroom and took a shower after my shower I went into my walk in closet and got out a white and black crop top that said I eat diamonds in the morning and shine all day and put on some rip in the middle shorts I put my hair into a side braid and put on a natural looking style then went down stairs and ate egg sandwich with no bacon because I don't like bacon. After I was done I went up stairs and brush my teeth.

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