Unexpected love

Kendra and her friends are just normal teenagers but on there Summer vacation will there be love and romances or is someone going to come and mess everything up READ to find out!!!


2. chapter 2


The bus finally arrived and as we all piled on we were probably the happiest and it was the last day of SCHOOL!!!

Kendra's POV

I am so fucking happy I can't get a smile off my face. But then it hit me what if my mom doesn't let I am 18 but I'm still her little girl. Oh well I shook those thoughts out of my head and just stayed on the positive side.

Me and Madeline,Meghan,destiny,and Courtney all walked in the school together everyone was so happy.

We all walked to out lockers they were all next to each other's except Madeline hers was acrossed ours.

I got out my books for my first three classes that were Reading then Math redemption then english. Once I was done getting my stuff I went over to Madeline's locker.

Hey girl I said. Hey let's get going don't want to be late. (We have all periods the same except for 5). As we were walking josh came up to us. Hey girls hey we both said at the same time. I can't wait till this summer it's going to be the best. Ya what are you girls doing. Oh nothing just going to Madeline's beach house!!! What do just so happen to have a extra ticket for me Madeline. No sorry josh. We'll I got to get to class later girls see ya josh.

MAdeline POV

As me and Kendra got to class we sat by each other like always. Reading class is so boring all we do is read so me and Kendra will just send notes to each other. I just kept telling my self only two more minutes then to the next class. The finally rung and all the kids ran out as fast as possible.

As me and Kendra got to our next class we were happy because it was our favorite class we have. (I know weird right math it's because we don't do anything in it.)

(Skip rest of the day)

As me and all my girls were walking down a street we decided to all go to my house until Kendra spoke up and said she had to go out to dinner with her mom and her friend so he just go on I will be at your house at 8:00 pm.

Kendra's POV

As I was walking home by my self my phone started to Ring I pick it up and herd my mom yelling on the end to get home now and start getting ready.

I got home and went strait upstairs I took of my clothes I wore for school and got into a beige dress with nuded color heels I curled my hair and put on mascara,eyeliner,eyeshowdow, and some red lipstick. I looked in the mirror and I did not look like usefully I looked like a completely different peson. I walked down stairs and went straight to my moms car.

(Skip dinner)

Once I got home I quickly went to my room and change into something comfy. Then I got into my range rover and drove to Madeline's house. Once I got there we started planning on what time should we leave tomorrow. We decided at 2:00 so we don't have to rush on packing.

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