Unexpected love

Kendra and her friends are just normal teenagers but on there Summer vacation will there be love and romances or is someone going to come and mess everything up READ to find out!!!


1. chapter 1


BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! Was the sound of my alarm clock going off. As I got up I check my phone for text or phone calls as I was I decided to go check twitter. Once I was done I got up and grab a black crop top that said smile in yellow and I grab yellow skinny jeans and went into the bathroom.

(Skip getting ready)

I grab my bag a apple and was about to leave. Bye mum bye sweetie. Oh and befor you go I have a friend coming so when you get home from school get dressed up fancy. We're going out to dinner ok mom bye.

As I was walking down to the bus stop me friend's Madeline,Meghan,destiny,and Courtney came up to. Hey girl hey how are you guys. We're awesome guess what Madeline got us. They all said together. WHAT!!! Tell me you know u hate surprises. We'll since today is the last day of school she got us tickets to go on a plane and go to..... WHAT tell me to my beach house my mom is letting us use it. OMFG are you kidding me!!!! I fucking love you guys. We know you do Kendra.

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