A Brand New Spark

The new year was coming.... All I wanted was to restart.... For all I knew.... I was getting it.... *For Contest*


1. A Brand New Spark

I sat there on the balcony. My white knitted sweater hung loosely around my torso. Shivering slightly, I watched as the lights flashed in front of my face. They seemed to be a screen that held the memories. My lip quivered slightly as the memories flashed back through my mind. All the fire. All the pain. While all the spirit, was lost.

Tears welled in my eyes as I sank to my knees. We would be gone in a few hours. Why we waited so long to move, I never understood it. People hated us. Maybe he was thinking things would be okay and he could keep on living his life regularly. Maybe he didn’t want me to have to leave. Maybe he still had hope things would be okay here. Now a year later, here we are, finally packing up, ready to leave.

Most teenagers would be devastated to have to leave their home town. They would miss their friends, their school, or anything else in their life. I had nothing to miss. After the incident, most of my friends turned on me. The rest left at a later time. The only thing I had to hold on to, my boyfriend, dumped me after our last New Year’s kiss. Leaving was the only thought that kept me unbroken anymore.

Looking to my right, I took a deep breath. The empty space a building use to sit. The place where dreams were lost, love was buried, and many people’s lives were ruined. Mine, my dad’s, many families, and many friends.

It started out as a normal New Year’s Eve. My dad had left to go to work, getting his fireworks ready for the show. It was supposed to be the best one yet, and his previous one, was spectacular. I was exhilarated to see what it would be. Sitting on the couch with my boyfriend, we started channel surfing.

At the time, I thought he was the love of my life. Three years together. Though I realize now that when he said forever, he meant until he was done. Which, happened to be that very night.

As the time came, I had changed into a light blue silky dress, with a strap over one shoulder and sparkles from the waist down. I had curled my hair perfectly before slipping on my brown boots. Walking out into the living room, he was there in his black overcoat, white dress top, black slacks, and black tennis shoes.

“You look beautiful,” he smiled, taking my hand in his. His skin was soft and warm against mine.

“Thank you, and you look handsome,” I smiled, walking out of the house with him to the festivities.

The night went pretty well. It was when the fireworks display came on, that the trouble started. We hear the first pop of a firework and looked up. Breath taking colors flashed in the sky in different patterns and shapes. Everyone was in awe.

We all heard it before we saw it. An explosion. Not one from a firework. Looking over, a flame had come up from a nearby building. One of the fireworks had hit it, setting it on fire. It didn’t take long for it to engulf the whole building, and everyone in it. The clock hit midnight only a couple minutes later. After a long, embracing kiss, he left. Walking away, he never came back.

Seventeen people died that day. Some were relatives of my friends. It was all over the news and suddenly, my dad and I were the villains of our town.

“Sweetheart. Ready to go?” His voice was gentle and kind.

“Yeah dad. I’m ready.” Turning around, I saw the bags in his hand. Though I didn’t see them as just bags. I saw them as the holders of my new beginning. As I thought, just maybe, we would both find a brand new spark.

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