Cupid's Frosted Love

The only thing Cupid has ever known she has to do is spread love for others to recieve.But when she gets taken by the Guardians she's surprised when soon,she's the one receiving it.But by who?None other than Jack Frost.But there's a reason the Guardians took her,and his name is Pitch.He ruins everything,taking Cupid with him on an encounter with the Guardians.


3. Wait a second

Cupid's P.O.V.


I woke up in a ice blue room that had a winter wind to it with small realistic snowflakes on the walls and a big one on the ceiling.

I remembered what happened last night and felt chills run down my spine.

I slid out of the bed and walked around touching the small snowflakes on the walls.

They're real...

I smiled and twirled around laughing at the crisp feeling of the winter wind nipping my skin.

I stopped and took a better look at the room;there was a desk,dresser and two doors which probally led out of the room and to the bathroom.

On the desk was a small crystallized snowflake.

I walked to it,a feeling of interest pulsing through me.

I reached my hand over to touch it as it glowed.

The door slammed open,surprising me.

I whirled around my bow and arrow set.

Jack stood st the door,mouth open as if he was going to say something but I beat him to it.

"Where am I?" I asked as I lowered but kept the bow at ready.

He took a step forward but I quickly brought the bow back up,stopping him.

He pulled his hands up in a surrender pose.

"Your at Santa's Workshop in my room." He answered me.

I put the bow down again.

"Why am I here?" I asked yet another question.

He sighed putting his hands down.

"Why don't you come with me to meet the others?They'll tell you everything you want to know." Jack offered his hand outstretched to mine.

I peered at him for a while before pitting away me bow and taking his hand.

He grinned before gently tugging,indicating me to follow.

I followed him through the halls keeping my hand in his,it wasn't even cold like before.

He lead me down one more hall before stopping at two big oak doors with an elegant 'G' engraving on each,he opened them and tugged me in with him.

Four people were inside,Santa,The Tooth Fairy,The Easter Bunny,and Sandman.

I looked at Jack,waiting for him to do something first.

He smiled and started walking towards them,tugging me along.

"North,Tooth,Bunny,Sandy,this is Cupid." Jack introduced me to them.

I smiled shyly and waved before hiding behind Jack.

Yeah I know I met them once but they were chasing me,so I didn't necessarily meet them.

"Ah!She's awake!How are you feeling sweetie?We've been trying to get those dang Nightmares under control but they keep on getting out of hand!" Tooth smiled warmly,flying over and laying a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm fine.But...Um one question,where did the Nightmare come from?"I asked coming halfway out from behind Jack.

"Well the answer is also the reason your here,Pitch." Tooth answered.

"The Nightmare King?I though you guys defeated him 100 years ago?And why'd he set his Nightmare on me?I've never even me him." I asked a bunch of questions,I was confused.

"Why dont you answer your girlfriend,Frost?" Bunny smirked at Jack.

I blushed before control ing my self and walking over to Bunny.

"Says the kangaroo who couldnt stop a single love arrow from hitting him,when I could."I smirked looking him straight in his eyes.

Jack laughed at what I said while Bunny narrowed his eyes and brought his boomerang up.

Jack quickly ran over and draggedme away from Bunny.

"Now lets get down to buisness,you must become Guardian,do you know your Center?" Santa asked me

I gave him a look that said 'Are you serious?' Before sighing as he didnt understand.

"I'm Cupid,what do yout think my Center is?Obviously Love.Also what if I don't want to be a Guardian?" I said.

"But you have to help us fight Pitch!" Tooth said determinedly.

"At least let me get to know you and in a couple of days tops I'll give you my decision?" I replied.

Tooth smiled,North grinned,Sandy grinned and gave a thumbs up,and bunny just looked mad.

I looked at Jack and saw him smiling down at me,I smiled back before turning back to the others.

"Where am I going to stay?" I asked.

"Why don't you stay in your boyfriend's room?" Bunny sneered.

"Bunny." North warned before looking back to me

"Either you can stay in Jack's room or we can fix you a room across from his." Tooth answered with a smile.

"I'll stay in Jack's while you guys fix the room." I sighed before turning to Jack.

"Lead the way my good sir,for I never payed attention to what halls we went through." I said in a posh british accent and bowing before looping my arm with his.

He chuckled before leading me back to his room.

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