Diagnosed </3

This is about a 17 yearold girl named Olivia.She was diagnosed with cancer when she was 13 and then was cured at 15.She is now cancef free and livivng each day of her life to the fullest. One day she meets a charming boy,Harry Stlyes,and he changes her life.But Olivia gets sick...reallt sick and ends up in the hospitla.Did the cure ,medicines only cure her for two years or is she just a really bad sick and will get better soon? Will she be Diagnosed again?? (One Direction famous)


5. uyah

AN sorry for this but im changing somehting the boy that kissed olivia his name is now going to be Bryan Garcia NOT Pedro lol cx buh-bye


I got home and went to take a shower.It surprised me how close me and Bryan. lived.He lived like only a block away,actually less.And now he knows where I live.O.o I turned on the water and turned on my music.i pressed shuffle and Strong came on. My favorite song from the album,my favorite songs from all the albums would have to be over again,back for you,you& I,Happily,half a heart,Strong.The song started playing and I got in the shower.I washed my body  with my body wash that Charlotte got me.It was sweet pea.Charlotte and I loved bath& body works soo she got me a perfum,body wash ,and lotion form there.It was all sweet pea.I got out the shower and put on some new sweats and a plain black shirt.I went downstairs and my  mom was cooking dinner.

Honey can you help?

Yea sure mum what do I do?

Open those cans and put them in the pot,and mix it

Okay I said and opened the cans with the can opener and poured the food into the pan and mixed it.

Okay mum its done.

Okay thanks sweety go call your dad and nathan.

okay mum.

oh and Louise!She yelled.I went upstairs and knocked on Nathan's then opened it.He was playing on his ps3.

Nath mum said go downstairs and eat.Nathan quickly got up and ran downstairs.''haha he's such a fatass i chuckled.''I went to louise's and knocked and tried to open it but it was locked.

Lou-Lou(my nickname for her since she was a baby)

What Livvy-liv?

Mum said its time for dinner.

Wait come see this!Sge unlocked her door and ran to her laptop.On the laptop said midnight memories.Louise like one direction too but she didn't have her whole room full of posters.She put all her one direction merch in her closet.I want her closet its perf.

Oh my god its the music video UGH!!! Harry put that tounge back in does he know how sexually fustruated I get cause of him I asked Louise. Louise laughed.

Yes I know he's your fave.(if I said Zayn was Olivia fave i messed up thats my fav so yea)

Yup and your fave is Liam....The 11 inch I whispered.

Haha that's why he's the 'Payne Train' we laughed.

Okay so lets go eat I said.We went downstairs and sat to eat. The concert is in 3 months and I need someone to go with.I would ask Charlotte but she's says shes a fan but she only knows 3 songs Best song ever Story of my life and WMYB.So yea not her.I don't know anyone else that likes 1D but Briana but on my way home from Bryan's house she told me she had floor tickets. I'll ask Louise later.I thought and started eating.

Louise POV


So Liv who are you going to the concrt with?My mom asked.

What concert I asked.

Oh Louise Olivia has two tickets and back stage passes for the 1D concert this year.I was shocked.Me and Olivia are like best friends. We tell eachother everything but this she doesn't and she knows I love them too.I looked at her with anger.How can she do this. That's its I have forgiven my sister for things lots of things but this No!

Olivia how could you  not tell me! and Why didn't you invite me instead of someone else like your ''Best friend'' I said emphasizing best friend. Well you know what I hate you I thought we told eachother everything but you're the one that broke that promise I said and stormed upstairs crying. I ran to my room and slammed it shut.I went to my closet and sat there in the bean bag chair I had and cried. All i ever wanted was to go to their concert but of course they only buy expensive things for Olivia because she had cancer. Wow! They're pitying her and she doesnt know it.

Lou-Lou please open up let me explain Olivia cried.

No I cried.but then I heard my door open and she entered my closet.

Louise look when I saw the video I remebered I had tickets and because I'm new in school I have no friends but char and i made a new friend and she likes 1D  ut she has tickets so I was going to ask you after dinner.

So Lou-Lou do you wanna go see one directon perform and meet them with me?

I smiled and nodded crying more.

Good then its in 3 months.Shesmiled at me.

I got up and hugged her. I love yiu Livvy-Liv.

Lovve you too Lou-lou. Oh I had my first kiss today she said.

What the hell...with who??? How it happen dets!!

Okay well I skipped last period as you now cause you brought me my bag and well I went to his house just to hang and then he called himself stupid so you know how when you say your dumb and i get in your face?

Yea I answered  confused.

Well when he siad he was stupid I got right infront of his face and I called him cute she whispered that word and the  BAM! he kissed me!

Wow and who was it I asked.


Garcia I asked.She nodded.

Aww...he's cute.

I know she smiled so have you had yours?

Yes I have and I'm dating him.

Oh my glob who is it?

David Ramirez.

Ohh he's cuuuute she laughed,

haha yea now leave so I can sleep I said and pushed hee out my room.



3 months later

Olivia's POV

Tomorrow is the concert I can't sleep I'm too excited.



well now ima tell you what happened in the last three months that I skipped sorry bout that,but I wanted to get 1D in the story. so Bryan asked Oliia to be his gf and said yes theyve been dating for 1 month and in the previous chapter I wrote that Charlotte and this guy held hands that was hwr bf but they broke up cause he cheated. and one direction are gonna be younger in this book.

Harry- 16

Niall- 17

Liam- 17

( him and liam just turned 17)

Zayn- 18

Louis- 19

( louis is gonna be 20 in a few months)

okay that's their age and no romance between olivia and Harry well I hope not I might cha ge my mind thoe (; thanks for the 100+ views cx Muah ;**




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