Diagnosed </3

This is about a 17 yearold girl named Olivia.She was diagnosed with cancer when she was 13 and then was cured at 15.She is now cancef free and livivng each day of her life to the fullest. One day she meets a charming boy,Harry Stlyes,and he changes her life.But Olivia gets sick...reallt sick and ends up in the hospitla.Did the cure ,medicines only cure her for two years or is she just a really bad sick and will get better soon? Will she be Diagnosed again?? (One Direction famous)


2. School

Olivia honey wake up,you don't wanna be late on your first day back,my mom yelled. I"M UP MOM!I yelled.I got out of bed and went to my closet and picked out my clothes.My first day in highschool.I'm in ninth grade,but when I got cancer I was in seventh,but my mom and friedns helped me out with things I needed to know for highschool becasue they beleived i would get cured.I smiled at the memorie and continued looking for an outfit.I picked out my favorie skinny jeans and a white shirt with red stripes and my red Toms.I got dressed and then went to the bathroom and did my make-up.I put on some mascara,eyeliner,a bit of blush,concealer(don't know how to spell that) and my pink baby lip lip-stick.I then turned on my straightner adn straightned my black hair that went just  below my shoulders.I brushed and added something that would keep it from tangling.I smiled because I looked nice enough and then got my backpack from Victoria Secret.It was leopard print,my favorite.I went downstairs and my mom was  making waffles.Yum! I got five and thanked her.I put three on a seperate plate and put it in the fridge for when I get home,then i put syrup on my other two and ate them. My older brother,Nathan(17 yrs) and younger sister,Louise(14 yrs) came down stairs.my sister got her food and sat down.She cut a banana and put the slices on her waffles.My brothe got four and finished them in the bli k of an eye.I laughed.You're such a fatass i laughed.I know he said with a mouth full of food

Okay kids lets go drop yall off at school.We all wen to highschool,even louise because she was very smart and got moved up a grade.Louise and Olivia went to 9th grade and Nathan went to 11th.Tha nks mom we all said and walked  to the front of the school.I saw my friend Charlotte with some other girl and walked up to her and put my hands over her eyes.She moved my hands and just looked at me.

Umm Char do you know this girl,the other girl said.

Uh..no I don't,Jackie.Charlotte said.

Oh okay I was about to say you can't hang with me and my friends and also hang with her the girl who I know now was called Jackie said.

Yea I know lets go to class J,Charlotte said and left with Jackie.I stood there stunned after everything we've been through she chooses someone else just to be popular over me.I texted her.

C-Charlotte  O-Olivia

O-Hey what was that?

C-Sorry Livvy,but..like I have always wnted to be popular and now I am so i don't wanna loose it. :(

O-I see after everything we've been through..I got it bitch don't talk to me again okay! -.- i texted then put my phone up.I walked to my class and akwardly sat down,everyone starred at me.I sat down in the back and the class started.There was a light tap on my shoulder and I turned around to a girl with brown hair and blonde highlights.

Hi I'm Brinae,but everyone calls me Briana.

Hi Briana...I'm Olivia i smiled.

So Livvy,can i call you that.I nodded.Okay so livvy are you new here.


Okay then I guess I should tell you about the groups at highschool.The populars are over therre she said pointing at a group of like 6 kids in the back.Nerds in the front.Bad ones in the front and the rest of us are like..normal.I nodded.I looked at the popular group and saw my sister Louise.

That's my sister I said.

next class and saw Charlotte.She was talking to a guy in glasses.He looked nerdy,not to be mean,but he did.She saw me and walked over to me.

Hey bae!I ignorred her.

Liv sorry for what I did this morning ,but if you were me you would do the same.I wouldn't i thought.You know you would tell me right now that you wouldn't do what I did she said.I looked at her.

I wou;dn't do that becassue to me our friendship is more important than  being a stuck-up popular bitch and that's what you're becoming I whisper-yelled.

Well fine I guess you don't want my apology then she said and walked to the front.Then a boy came in and sat next to her and he held her hand.Aww they must be together i thought then looked to see who was next to me.It was this boy and he had glasses.but the looked cute on him,I thought.I smiled at him.

H-Hi I'm Olivia,I'm new here.

Oh Hi Olivia...I'm Pedro nice to meet you.

I smiled you to...are they perscribbed I asked.

Yea,but I wear them when I want I don't really need them.I nodded.

So what's your favorite sport I asked.

Soccer always has been always will he smiled..and yours?

Oh mine is socer too,but I'm not very good at it i chuckled.

Haha I wasn't either it just takes practice.I nodded and got out my folder.It was a green One Direction one my fav from the other 3 I had.

You like One Direction?he asked.

Yea why?

My best friend Jackie likes them too.

Oh cool another directioner I laughed.

Yea you can meet her if you want?

Umm..sure when?

During lunch meet me by the cafateria at 1.

Okay I'll meet you there I smiled and wrote down the notes the teacher wrote on the white board.After that class ended I went to my other classes the my last class before lunch,then after lunch the last class of the day.The day isalmost over and I only made two friends and lost my best friend(Charlotte).I walked into Drama and everyone was standing against the wall. I went and stood by it like everyone else.

Okay class a new student,some of y'all may know her,Olivia Jones.Okay now I will pair you all up in groups of 3 and or  4 if there is an un-even number of students.I will start with olivia.Count from 1-3

1 i started.2,3.It went on until everyone choose a number.

Ones over in that table two in the other and three  at the last one.I walked to my table and saw Pedro and  anotehr boy.I went and sat infront of Pedro,because it was the last seat left.If not I would've sat next to him.

Ok class I will give each group a script and by next week on Friday y'all will have to perform it in front of the class.One script has a kissing scene and I will give that to whomever I want the teacher said and passed it out.I reached for my 'group's' script.

Should I read it outloud?Both of the boys nodded.I read the 3 main roles and what they're like and before we got to the end we picked roles.I piked the Diana,a girl who was independent,smart,caring,and beautiful.Pedro picked the guy who was a like butler,his name was David and he was in love with Diana and the other guy who's name was Andrew picked the rich guy who was the 'owner' of the butler,David.His name was Royce.

So lets read the script Andrew said and snatched it from me.Jerk I thought.Ahh so it say here Diana leaned in to Royce and..I snatched it from him.I hope I really don't have to kiss that jerk I thought.I read it myslef.

''Diana leaned into royce,and as she was bout to kiss him she backed away.

'I can't,Diana said.

Why,royce said fustruated.

I-I don't love you,diana mumbled.

Why would you not love me I'm the total package,rich,and Handsome.Royce said.

I don't care about thoose things I don't becasue I-I'm in love with David,Diana said

M-me?David questioned.

Yes you David..I'm in love with you..Do you love me,Diana asked.

I do,I do Love you Diana,David said and kissed Diana(Diana and David kissing scence)



So that's our script so...dumb.Ypu knew that was gonna happen..it's just so un-real,Pedro said.

I looked down at my lap and started thinking.Why am i sad that Pedro doesn't like it.Do I  like him?No it can't be I've only known him for a few hours.You hurt her feeling,I heard Andrew say.I didn't realize a tear escaped  my eye.

Oh what?i asked.

I said Pedro hurt you feelings.Andrew said a bit louder.

What? No he didn't!

Then why are you crying,Andrew asked.

I honestly don't know I said.And it was true I honestly didn't know of Pedro hurt my feelings.Okay class well of to lunch the teacher said  and dismissed us.I quickly got my stuff and then got a text from an un-known number.I texted who is this and the person replied as Briana.

B=Briana O=Olivia

O-Oh hey Bri

B-Hey Livvy so you wanna go to lunch with me and my friends?

Umm..Idk maybe I'll tell you in a bit..oh and do you Like One Direction? :) i texted and then put up my phone.It was almost 1 so I walked to the cafateria and saw Pedro.

Oh hey Olivia  he smiled.

Hi I waved and took out my phone.I had gotten a text.the screen read From: Briaanaa :)

B-OMG Yess! Do you!!

O-Uhh..HEll YES they r my everythang I looooooove them!! <33 I texted and then logged into my twitter.I saw Harry had tweeted something funny.I luaghed and retweeted  it.Then I tweeted him something back.I chuckled and smiled.

Who were you texting Pedro asked.


Cause you got all happy he said.

Oh I smiled.I wasn't texting I just read a funny tweet.

Let me see!I nodded and showed him the tweet.

How is that  funny.

you don't understand it thats why and it's hard to explain.

Oh Ok..Hey! follow me on twitter,and you have an instagram?

Ye and okay name?

Pedro_19 for twitter and instagram

Okay I follwed,follow back I said as I looked through his instagram photos.Who's this I asked and pointed to a pic of him and a girl. she looked a little like Charlotte.

Oh that's Charlotte Gonzalez here he said and pressed her name.her profile came on.

Oh ypu know her?I nodded as I looked through her pics.She added a new pic this mornign.It was of me and her when we were 13 and she wrote,Me and my best friend..<333.I smiled.

That's me i said and showed Pedro.

Oh you look different.


Well you look skinnier know,shorter hair and you're not wearing make-up here he said pointing at my screen.I nodded.Okay well we better get goin since my 'friends aren't showing up he said and we started walking to the exit.

PEDRO! Wait i hear someone yell.It was Charlotte.

oh hey Lotts glad you made it.You've met Olivia right?

Yea she's my best friend Charlotte said and came to give me a hug.I moved aside.I'm not forgiving her that easily.

Uh..lets go eat I said and walked outside with the ithers behind me.


Pedro's POV

Charlotte went to give Olivia a hug,but she moved out of the way.Lots said they are best friends.What did Charlotte do I thought.

Charlotte Abigal Gonzalez what did you do?

I kinda pretentednottoknowherbecauseIdidn'twannaloosebeingpopularsoItoldjackieIdidntknow,shesaid quickly,but I understood.

So your popularity is more important than your friendship?How long have you known her?

Since kindergarten..and yes..no..i don't know yes & no.

Aye aye aye Lotts when will you learn I told her and smacked her arm.

Haha jokes on you that didn't hurt she said and pulled my hair.I walked faster and walked next to Olivia.

We'e taking my car?

Sure I don't have a car she said.

I hoped in the front and she went to the back while Chalotte sat in the front.

I turned on the radio and One Direction came on.I was about to cahnge it when Charlotte smacked my arm away.

No leave it,this is my jam she said started singing.Charlotte singed really well and I've told her but ashe doesn't belive me.The song ended.

You sing pretty I said.

No I don't she argued.

yes you do.Right Olivia?

Y-yea you do olivia said adn then looked back down at her phone.We got to Mcdoanlads and we prderd.Whil we were waiting both girls were bus with their phone.I snatched it fro  both of them.Hey! they both screamed.I'm not giving them back until you two work out your problems I said and went to get the food.


Charlotte's POV


That Bithc! i will get him for taking my baby away,my phone.I looked at Olivia.

O-Olivia I'm sorry for pretending I don't know you it's just that I wasn't thinking right,please forgive me?





will Olivia forgive charlotte.should she? comment/fav/like and pls help me get this to 100 views


lots of love


-Larry's Baee


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